happy new year

happy new year everyone. the best of everything to you.soup-kitchen-witch1

from rick, naomi, broadus and ada

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6 Responses to happy new year

  1. Shiny Things says:

    Happy New Year to You and Yours too, Rick! May you have a peaceful 2009! 🙂


  2. enigma says:

    happy new year!!!!
    i,m glad your little ones are better, it is a nightmare when your children are ill.
    And congradulations on being published!!!!! You are one of the best writters I have ever read, so it is richly deserved.

    And keep up the good work with the shelter, it is a sad fact that people who dont look, or smell nice are very much neglected in our perfectionist society.


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Thank you, Shiny Things, for staying in touch. Wishing you the same. Nice to find you on facebook.

    Enigm, my friend, I’ve missed you. We stay too busy. I’ll try to make more time for the good stuff this year. The best of everything to you! Thanks for the cheer.


  4. Brad says:

    Happy New Year, Rick. Hope it’s a big one for you. Cheers.


  5. will69b says:

    Hello, Rick & Happy New Year!
    I know I’ve been an absent poet here.

    News for you, though:

    I took the leap and published.
    In many respects, I was moved to publish
    through your encouragement.

    I hope you do not mind my giving you an acknowledgment in the book.

    All the best to you, friend.

    check Amazon: William H. Balzac [in “search” bar]

    ps: My “new” poems blog (above) has a copy of the dedication & acknowledgment page.

    William H. Balzac.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Brad, best to you as well. I hope the year holds the greatest of everything for you.

    will69b, congratulations!!! You have always had your own trajectory and momentum, but thank you for the mention, that was kind of you. I’ll be checking in soon to see what you have been up to.


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