alone time

is hard to find these days but I have some now and I am puzzling out how to use this blog. I stay away from writing and painting too long – which happens whenever I take a movie job – and I begin to feel dry and a little bit crispy. Not to mention cranky. Great things are…

I work with people I like and admire and I have work I usually enjoy, and that I know has a finite end. When that end comes I rejoin the ranks of the unemployed, and try to put my talents to good use in my studio until the next job comes up.

Ada and Broadus are well again and we are out of fearful parent mode. They are again little wells of life and beauty, sensitivity and intelligence. Joy and trust. B as always is a creative dynamo. Naomi and I are unwinding, releasing the fear and tension that comes with having a really sick child.

We have energy and health and a roof over our heads. A couple of months ago I returned from a meeting complaining to Naomi that I had met a young couple who were sane, sober and homeless and that cold weather was coming and there are no shelters here. She got on the phone and started making calls, seeking volunteers, donors, places that might work as temporary shelter for the homeless here in San Miguel County.


The upshot is, there is now a cold-weather shelter for the homeless here, thanks to a host of people here. I’ll get a more complete list from Naomi but for now I’ll mention that there would be no shelter without the work of Sharon Seto of UWC-USA and the students of UWC in Montezuma, NM; Pastor Rev. Randy Campbell and the congregation of The First Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas, NM; Rosie Lopez; The Samaritan House; Birdie Jaworski and Daniel; Gallinas Magazine ; Spence and Janet Swinton: and the benefaction of a generous, anonymous donor.

The organizers were hoping to have the location of the shelter rotate between churches, two weeks to a church, staffed by volunteers from the congregations, and others. First Prez has stepped up to the plate but as yet the other churches here have offered to support the project in any way they can except with space and volunteers. Hmmm…..

Who can blame them, really? These are the great unwashed, and they do smell to High Heaven. Naomi and Ada and I staffed the shelter a few nights ago and I know what a difficult commitment it is to take in the homeless, the hopeless, the misguided, the deranged. But it is only for 3 or 4 months of cold weather, and in the meantime people can put their heads together to figure out a more permanent solution to the problem of homelessness in Northern New Mexico.

By the way, if anyone has seen the painting above, “Citylights”, please let me know. It vanished from storage in Boston some years ago. I wish I had a better photo to share with you. Please feel free to tell the story here if you see one. I think I’m back. I won’t be posting as often while I’m working, and the image prompts will be hit or miss. But it is good to be writing. Let me hear from you. Click on “comments” and add yours. I would love to hear what you think about things, most anything.

p.s. more late-breaking good news. (Actually the news has been out for a while, but I’m just getting it.) A poem of mine, Sizzle, was accepted and published in the Nov. issue of the new online journal, protestpoems. Publishing is a first for me. Check out protestpoems and its parent site, babelfruit. I wondered why I got such an unusually high number of hits in early November. As requested, I have for the time being taken the poem down from this blog.

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21 Responses to alone time

  1. artpredator says:

    yay for feeling better for everyone in the family! (having sick children is the worst–i’d much rather be sick myself!)

    congrats on the poem being accepted!

    and congrats on all your fine work in the world–engaging it and making it a better place through artistic acts and altruistic ones too!


  2. Shiny Things says:

    Congratulations on the publishing, though I was surprised that it was your first published!

    And I’m also glad to hear that the kids are feeling better, just in time for the holidays 🙂

    I have no stories, just wanted to say hello, glad you’re present in whatever way you can be online, and thank you for all that you share!


  3. Jo says:

    Wonderful news. You are such a marvel. There are people who talk and people. Love to you all, J x


  4. christine says:

    A nice catch-up post. I’m sorry your babes were sick. It sounds serious.

    And congratulations on your poem. I can’t wait to read it. Your painting is lovely. You can’t find the original? Yikes.


  5. christine says:

    I read about Ada’s illness. What a relief she’s better.

    And your poem Sizzle is amazing! So heartfelt, full of life. And the attention to language, the music of it, is wonderful.


  6. Sizzle really does. I am happy to see that someone else beside we who flock to your site appreciates your terrific poetic side. Kudos on getting something published. I posted the poem on my site too, and it is getting nice reactions, per usual. CityLights is posted over on the dormant Jason site too. I guess he liked it too. Is it a sign that your Art is more valuable and significant if someone steals it? Probably. Someday, when my ship comes in, I would love to have a Mobbs original. Meanwhile I enjoy them as you post them.

    Homelessness is an interesting and intriguing thing to me. That somehow, through circumstance, through happenstance, all is lost and there you are out there on the street; no money, no job, no home. Every country has its homeless. Mostly they are overlooked, invisible, neglected. You are so lucky to have Naomi and others around you to give you the impetus to help those in need all around you. Naomi seems to have a heart as big as Montana.

    So nice to hear that the big Woop has fled and Ada and Broadus are better.


  7. I hope the painting turns up: that’s really sad. Anyway here’s my take on it: Accumulation


  8. I hope the painting turns up: that’s really sad. Anyway here’s my take on it: Accumulation


  9. Shiny Things says:

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello – I always visit your blog and subscribe so I know when you’ve posted! 🙂

    I took a BUNCHA pictures of the family on rapid, multishot mode and then uploaded them to an online GIF creator to make them animated. Not that my family NEEDS much more animation than already exists! 😉 heh


  10. watermaid says:

    Sorry to hear that your children have been sick but glad they are now better and you can relax as parents.

    The cold-weather shelter is a great project. It takes real love and commitment to work with ‘the great unwashed’.

    Congratulations on your poem!

    I’ve not posted much recently but am still working on poems prompted by two of your paintings. I’m combining one with the Friday Five from Michelle Johnson at Poefusion and hope to post it soon.

    I also very much like ‘Citylights. Such a pity that the painting has disappeared.


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  12. watermaid says:

    I have posted the poem I mentioned above. the Secret


  13. amuirin says:

    hi, hi. I came and visited, looked at your beautiful pictures. (They are beautiful, these… the latest and the one that was stolen. That’s tragic!)

    November’s end was overwhelming. So much going on for me. So I came, looked, couldn’t find a good voice to write words-

    but I was awfully glad you visited.


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  15. ybonesy says:

    Congrats on the poem! I was on the road again so have been away, but looks as though you have too. Hope all is well and that you’ll be posting soon.


  16. I just realized that your “welcome” column had changed, and you updated the message. Great stuff. We all hope that this time off will blossom golden for the Mobbs mob, and that those whispers in your cortical ear will manifest themselves in prose, poetry, or paint, and that you will share, yet again. My best to the family.



  17. pieceofpie says:

    a beautiful poem all encompassing it is a blessing that one can write so about a person it somehow lengthens their life their spirit. children are everything and more and it is amazing how as parents we bleed over in anxiety until they are well. the colors of your paintings never cease to fill the canvas in more ways than i can count. thank you for the links. in reaching out to others we somehow save ourselves dont you think…


  18. derigueur says:

    Thank you for your replies! I just now have checked into my blog after some time of neglect. What a marvelous find you are, by the way! I will return to read more!


  19. Shiny Things says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rick!
    And thank you for all you’ve brought to the table 🙂


  20. With Christmas now behind us, with the presents opened, and the wrappings recycled, and the snow melted off, we here in Washington State can breathe a sigh of relaxed contentment, and start to make our plans for 2009.

    Hope that the new year is a grand one for the Mobbs Mob there in the wilds of New Mexico. We had a foot of snow on Christmas day, and that is only the 4th white Christmas we have had in my life time. Looking forward to your next brainstorm, to the next piece of your soul, and your Art.



  21. derigueur says:

    Congrats on the poem! And what an amazing couple you are, helping people…


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