Ada’s better.

Much better. Still some coughing but back to her happy, bouncy, cheerful self. Back to making funny noises and rocking out in her bouncy seat. Thanks for the good energy and warm wishes.


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10 Responses to Ada’s better.

  1. Hip, hip, and hoorah, Ada is coming back to the Land of Less Coughing!! I can just see her rocking out in her bouncy seat. My youngest grandson is turning 1 this weekend. He has just began to walk and we are overjoyed with the prospect that he and his 2.2 year old older brother will be able to run as a pair now. Wonderful and challenging painting too, sir. Although you did announce it as an image prompt, I do not recognize it from carefully combing your archives. So if time permits, I will put pen to paper and hope something artful emerges to match your images.



  2. Glad your kids are feeling better! These new paintings are …well, to use a much overused word, awesome indeed….

    Sounds as if you are busy, as usual. I am glad you are still not too busy to post once in a while.


  3. Hurray and hurrah, I did find some time to compose a bit of whimsey in response to this image. I call it:

    Kid’s Kingsdom



  4. That looks to me like an illo for Cordwainer Smith’s story “The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal”. Glad to hear Ada’s feeling better.


  5. dsnake1 says:

    Glad to hear that Ada is back to her bouncy, cheerful self. 🙂


  6. dyan says:

    Oh rick,

    I,m so sorry your little one was not well, but I,m glad shes getting better, and just an observation, your paintings have a very differant quality , more grounded, real, sort of cleaner. and also stronger.
    love from me, my friend


  7. ~sis~ says:

    speedy get wells to your children…and some rest for yourself! fantastic images….
    wound my way here via a link on a poetry blog….


  8. openhand says:

    Hooray!! That is wonderful news.

    Warm holiday wishes to your family from ours…

    May it include
    The smell of baking pies



  9. damyantig says:

    Sorry havent been around much. Glad to hear about Ada, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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