on pertussis, and a new image prompt

I’ve been meaning to write but with Ada sick and new movie work starting my creative energy is way down. Broadus has been sick with pertussis, too, but since he has had the vaccination it hasn’t hit him quite as hard. His cough has gone on for 4 weeks now, maybe 5. I’ve lost track. It has been crazy. Things are easing up now but Ada’s cough still makes my heart stop. She doesn’t cough as often but she still coughs until she runs out of air and then the coughing doesn’t stop, it just keeps going and I’m saying, breathe, Ada, breathe and finally she is able to draw a quick breath between coughs and the air whistles back into her lungs. That sudden panicked whistling is why it is called Whooping Cough. It will scare the daylights out of a parent. For two weeks Naomi has been sleeping sitting up, her back against the wall behind the bed so she could hold Ada upright. We’ve been getting to bed after midnight and then I’m up at 5 to drive to work in Santa Fe. Waking up with her, or with Broadus 5 or 6 times during those hours has left us all weary.

It is good to see my movie friends again but the days are long and I usually have to pull off the road and sleep for a few minutes during the drive home at night. My eyes start to cross and I start to see double I know I need to pull over.

Other than that, everything is fine. Oh, yeah. The world is falling apart.

So what’s with the painting? Any thoughts?

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6 Responses to on pertussis, and a new image prompt

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  2. Pam says:

    Here is what the painting inspired in me:

    Learning Curve

    My son had whooping cough when he was in high school– it was scary enough at that age– I can’t imagine having an infant sick with it.

    Healing prayers for Ada and Broadus.


  3. johemmant says:

    (hugs) and love to the four of you.


  4. Thank you for the updates and postings. We all send white light and love to Ada and Broadus and Naomi, and of course to you as well. I have had a few times that I had like a 100 mile commute to work, and those pull-over cat naps are life savers; fell asleep at the wheel once or twice, not cool. And on top of everything, in spite of everything, you present us with an image prompt. Now I have to get busy, and see where it all leads. I did bump into this concept on the Winning Writer’s website (I had a war poem place me as finalist recently). They provide a painting or photo and everyone writes something about it. They should check out the storybook collaborative, enit?



  5. I did manage to write a little something for this image prompt.

    Science Is Your Friend




  6. openhand says:

    Thinking of you all with deep sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery for both children.



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