rollercoaster/whooping cough?

Hello everyone, all of you who have left such kind notes since my last post. This is just to let you I have no intention of disappearing from the blogging community, nor of laying this particular blog to rest. We really have been slammed or I would have said this sooner.

We had a wonderful time with family in NC and now are back in NM. Naomi’s work also carries her far and wide so I’ve been Mr. Mom to a greater degree than usual (best job I’ve ever had).

Our son, Broadus, turned 9 years old on Halloween. Her is a picture of Broadus with his friend Morgan. B is on the right.

morgan and broadus 10/31/08

At this moment I can’t remember just what were the other things that took me out of my studio and kept me from writing but I can’t complain that life is not full enough for us here in NM.

Bad news here is that  Whooping Cough seems to have appeared in our little town. A lot of kids, including Broadus, have developed wicked, deep, long-lasting coughs. Because of early vaccinations they don’t get the full, potentially dangerous illness, although they can carry and spread it until treated with antibiotics. The illness is especially bad for babies.

The bad news is Ada (almost 4 months) has not yet been vaccinated and she has just been diagnosed with it. Naomi spent a few hours in the emergency room at our local hospital (and was given great care and attention by the E.R. physician, Dr Mariann Lucini).

Her coughing is racking and sometimes she stops breathing between coughs. It’s frightening and weird because, except for being a little more subdued than usual, she’s fine when she’s not coughing. The coughing spells themselves are awful. When she starts to cough we hold her against a shoulder to help her. We expect she is going to be okay but they tell us the illness could grow more severe for the next two weeks before easing up over the following two. We treat the symptoms and feel grateful that she’s such a fundamentally healthy kid.

We watch her carefully, and don’t leave her alone. Broadus and the rest of us are now on antibiotics so we are no longer contagious. I don’t understand why the NM Dept. of Health hasn’t stepped in to educate and treat everyone in the schools. This county in Northern New Mexico happens to be one of the poorest, most neglected in the country. It is a shame some of the billions wasted on Iraq could not have been spent at home on health care and education.

Okay, we’ll get back to the art soon, and the writing. I do want to say meeting all of you through this blog has been a very enlightning, incredibly enlarging experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to again circulating, visiting, reading, writing and painting. In the meantime of course feel free to use the images you find here for your work. Send me links to it and I will get back to posting them when I can.

Hold us in the Light, please, and we’ll do the same for you.

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14 Responses to rollercoaster/whooping cough?

  1. suburbanlife says:

    I am praying for Ada to fully recover, and for the rest of you to return to a more even keel. It is truly awful when one realizes that a disease such as whooping cough could be contained through education so that it doesn’t become a public health crisis within a community.
    You are absolutely right – attention paid to and resources aimed at local public health is a main job of government and Public Health Officials, not phony establishment of ‘democracy’ in cultures where feudalism is the norm, and where our governments have no business in interfering, sending troops and other resources that could be deployed better at home. We are all better able to care for others when we learn to care for ourselves first. G


  2. callie guerin says:

    Rick- the girls and I had whooping cough when Zipporah was Ada’s age and ayasha was 3 and I was 24. I caught it when a boy I was babysitting sneezed on me after he had just caught a cough from his cousins from Japan who had just been immunized with a live virus vaccine.
    Any how…I know exactally what you are going through and this is what I can reccommend:
    Thyme tea w/ lemon and honey, and roasted grapefruit.
    Thyme was the only thing that was effective (and I tried everything for months, antibiotics, chinese remedys, homeopathic etc etc….)
    Thyme stops the convulsions. Since ada is little and probably can’t have honey, try making her the tea and sweeten it with a little sugar or fruit juice I suppose you could try different strengths/weaknesses until you find a mixture she will drink from a bottle. She may not like the lemon so try different mixtures til you find one she likes I know you probably don’t want her drinking juice so young but the point here is to make it paletable for her to get the thyme ingested.
    You just get dried thyme (or fresh and hang it to dry) get a mason jar and put a teaspoon of thyme pour boiling water over and cover so essential oils don’t evaporate. let sit for at least 10 mins or up to half hour then sweeten and taste for yourself, dilute according to taste. also adding a fresh squeeze of lemon juice wouldn’t hurt.
    It is a miracle, really.
    The grapefruit can be eaten raw as usual or bake in oven to warm and eat as usual. I would stay away from dairy.
    Do you have the emergen- c packets that you mix with water out there? Naomi should keep her vit c levels up if she s still breast feeding.
    ask Zipporah about the emergen-c i sent her some she will know what I mean. Call me anytime if you want to talk or if you have any questions.
    all the best callie


  3. marlowe44 says:

    Yes, we will project white light in your direction like random rays of love from every corner of this country, sir. Sounds like Callie has the pulse of the remedy, and hopefully if you follow it , some relief will follow. So may the virus subside for little Ada, and things get back on keel for the Mobbs mob.

    Thank you for clarifying for us that this blog will not fold up, or close down, or disappear. Just take the stress and pressure off yourself in terms of posting the responses to your paintings, or that an image prompt has to appear weekly. That was your internal agenda. Most of us actually felt pressured by your frequency of prompts to write more and faster; which did not hurt us any, but now we can all take a deep breath and enjoy the view.



  4. paisley says:

    i fear for children born into an age when parents have come to believe that vaccination as an intrusion, instead of the blessing it really is… i think we will see many of the diseases we thought were all but obliterated rising their ugly little heads in the innocent faces of this generation of unprotected children to come…

    i am glad you are immunizing your children.. i hope that the classic immunizations are equally effective on the new strains that are bound result following the generation of under immunization…

    hoping ava is much better by now,, and happy belated broadus!!!


  5. callie guerin says:

    Oh also you could make a soup or broth with thyme as part of your daily meals. It took , I think, at least 3 months to get over this for us and I remember feeling pretty normal most of the time except for the coughing spells and being very tired after half the day was over. I don’t think the doctors can be of much help, they werent for me anyway. I called around the country to other parents who had experienced the sickness and got ideas from them. It will probably be a lot easier now with the computer. If you and Naomi want to try a remedy that worked for me it is called ‘super immuno comp’ by Enzymatic therapies. They are capsules and helped me finally kick it out of my system.
    Oh, and of course, I forgot to mention above, strain the herbs out of the liquid before you sweeten and drink it.


  6. jo says:

    Oh my, I just got back from Spain and I’m sending good thoughts your way, I know how scared you must be but she’ll be fine. Does a humid room help? Much love and get well wishes, J


  7. amuirin says:

    Oh no, Ada! I’m sure she’ll be ok, it’s impossible to believe otherwise, looking at that photo. What a beautiful, healthy sprite.

    We’re glued to election news tonight. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

    Our family wishes your family health and good cheer.


  8. amuirin says:

    p.s.- Broadus looks mighty fierce. The virus seems to have left him a bit green around the gills.



  9. xpalla says:

    Thinking of you all. What a great picture of Naomi and Ada.


  10. openhand says:

    Strength and resilience to you all, but especially to little Ada.


  11. Shiny Things says:

    Light beams raining down upon you all!

    It is a helpless feeling, when they are so very small, to hear them struggle with a respiratory illness!

    My niece and nephew (he is Broadus’ age and she is 3) both have Cystic Fibrosis and hearing them when they are sick leaves me with one of the MOST helpless feelings I’ve ever experienced.

    Hang in there, you are not alone.


  12. Oh, no! Thinking of you all–be well!


  13. Tara Trudell says:

    Dear Rick and Naomi,
    I was just upset to hear that this too has entered your lives with baby Ada… I need to recommend a cool air mist humidifer as that really helped Jackson. I left it running all the time. Please know that my family and I are sending you healing light and love to keep you strong and healthy through this ordeal.
    Broadus, Happy Birthday!!
    Tara (Daisy’s mom)


  14. ybonesy says:

    Well now that I’ve read the news from the post after this one that Ada is on the road to recovery, I can share that I got whooping cough at 18 months and had to have an emergency tracheotomy. It’s serious stuff, as you rightly said. Thank goodness the worst is over.

    Ada is a beauty. Look at her eyes and face. What a wonderful shot of her and Naomi. Please pass along my hello to Naomi.

    Wow, good costume, Broadus!! And belated Happy Birthday.

    So many gifts of late.


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