swords into war toys

Cut from steel plate. I know, not the best answer. But it’s a start.

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2 Responses to swords into war toys

  1. marlowe44 says:

    Not a bad concept actually, using swords as toys, and still giving credence to man’s bellicose nature and need to compete and bully in the world, but reduce the danger to all by making it a War in Toyland. Of course the toys are cut out of steel, so I suppose they could do some damage to tender parts of another’s body in close quarters. The toy designs look a bit like they were influenced by Broadus drawings. God, I recall the 50’s, sitting in elementary school making drawings of Russian Migs and thunderbird jets and tanks post-Korean War. And if there was time, fill up the whole paper with a drawing of a battle ship, with stacks steaming, and big guns popping off, with little stick sailors manning the gunnels.



  2. johemmant says:

    I love the figures.


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