10/16/08 image prompt

I’m actually posting these images on a Thursday, like I said I would. Life gets a little hectic here with a new baby, workaholic parents, a wild 9 year old. Almost 9.

Okay, about the baby. Omygod, what a baby. She is beautiful, with incredible eyes that are open to her soul, maybe beyond. She favors Broadus when he was a baby except that she is delicately formed were he was a great galumpus, so big his cousins called him Bam Bam. She is 3 months old now. Born on the 4th of July. Our Halloween birthday boy is coming up on his 9th birthday. He thinks it is really neat that they both have such interesting, special birthdays. He’s magic and jack-o-lanterns, no fear of witches or things that go bump in the night because that is his domain. She’s fireworks and rockets and sparks, he says, and dotes on her.

So, for an image prompt this week I am putting up a work in progress, a Halloween painting for Broadus. If you find any stories we would love to hear them!

other work in progress

and the wall, the wall, the wall

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10 Responses to 10/16/08 image prompt

  1. jo says:

    How bizarre, that second poem speaks to a poem I’m in the middle of writing………I’ll post it and link, okay? And I love that your babes have such special b’days!


  2. Honestly, the story that comes to mind with this painting is Ray Bradbury’s “Halloween Tree”: if Broadus hasn’t read it yet, you might read it to him for Halloween. There was also an animated version that was pretty good.


  3. Angelica says:

    Wonderful poems.

    Here’s a poem I wrote, though it doesn’t deal with Halloween, but I suppose the thoughts are scary.



  4. Angelica says:

    oops, when I typed “wonderful poems”, I meant wonderful paintings.

    My poem is for the Halloween painting.


  5. marlowe44 says:

    Nothing left to do now but keep birthing babes on other holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas and Labor Day. It will be your unique and special contribution to history, holiday children. Broadus will be 9 in less than two weeks. Seems like yesterday he was 7 and working on Stupid War with you. The first painting does intrigue me. If I find some time today I will write something to it, by it, near it, because of it.



  6. Bo says:

    Rick – I too have holiday birthday babies.

    My St. Patrick’s Day baby has a spark of humor always about her and a taste for fun and celebration.

    My Valentine’s Day boy isn’t at all about Valentines and candy, but about a self-less loving approach to the people he meets, and a love of living/loving in general.

    My Memorial Day baby is in to social justice and documenting memories and wondering just what is it we learn from making mistakes.

    Hmm! Interesting, yes?


  7. marlowe44 says:

    I did get around to writing something for Painting #1. I call it:

    Hallowed Son



  8. marlowe44 says:

    I did get around to writing a poem as a prompt to Painting #1.
    I call it:

    Hallowed Son


  9. annieepoetry says:

    i love the girl’s hair.. the two faces. very good. the halloween one is great too.



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