the mad celt asks

“Historically, the conquest destroyed the outward form of what had already inwardly decayed; it cleared away with regrettable brutality and thoroughness a system of life which, with all its gifts of order, culture, and law, had worn itself into senile debility, and had lost the powers of regeneration and growth.”

-Will Durant
(on the decline of the Byzantine Empire, The Story of Civilization, Volume IV)

The Mad Celt asks…What forms of conquest do YOU think the U.S. is succumbing to? Are they outer forces, inner forces, both? What, if anything, can we do about it? Discuss.

the above from CELTUS LUNATICUS

‘America’s main export is envy.” Used to be, anyway. On a national level I think our downfall was written in our hubris and hypocrisy, our ruthless death-dealing, our arrogant policy-making, our addiction to getting our way, our rationalizations and self-justifications. It was written in hidden motives and in our denial of truth and responsibility. It was written in our unwillingness to confer human status – and human rights – where it did not suit us. Power and strength have corrupted us. These are human faults and foibles, not limited to Americans, and lie in wait for every individual and society but they are most readily recognized in the strong, for the unchecked display the wildest excesses.

How far will we fall? I dunno. I think it is true we are a divided society and that our cognitive dissonance is building. Perhaps a bottom is coming. But then we still have to do something with it, make something positive and creative out of the ashes. We have a little window of opportunity here. If we bounce right back we’ll probably lose it.

“We have met the enemy and they are us.” as Pogo used to say.

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4 Responses to the mad celt asks

  1. amuirin says:

    I’ve been thinking along these lines, but hesitant to express, because- everything’s falling apart, and at the same time, everything seems fine.

    For some reason, conservative friends have always correlated liberalism with ‘looking down’ on America, having an anti-american stance, or being reactionary and painting a doom/gloom scenario.

    ….but I’m feeling that Americans really don’t have a clear picture right now what their place in the world is, how far we’ve really fallen. And the consequences are coming. It almost seems like maintaining the illusion is top priority in this country. Don’t say anything’s wrong until it’s already happened.

    Kind of a weird culture.


  2. Marlowe44 says:

    We must add to your scathing list America’s love affair with Republican Fascism, allowing the elections to be rigged, allowing an idiot (can’t wait for the new Oliver Stone parody “W”), allowing the Prez and his bully boy to use every state’s National Guard as ill-trained cannon fodder, and then abandoning them like so much unwanted chaff when they are used up emotionally or grievously wounded, allowing the flag-waving, the racism, the sexism, the upper class’s need to bend over the middle class for an ass reaming on a regular basis. Yes, America as a Republic, as an Empire, is going through some changes–and with the election of Obama/Biden, those changes could be implemented, ass-kicking versus lip service.



  3. Christine says:

    I feel a great sense of sadness when I hear the racist comments coming out of the far right.

    But I also feel hope for Barak Obama’s presidency. It is possible to pull ourselves out of this maelstrom.

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

    Here’s the link, in case you want to update:


  4. Creative says:

    Amen Pogo.

    Yes, Amuirin… maintain the status quo… only in the rear view mirror will we be able to see what really happened.

    What can we do about it? I don’t know.

    Check out the book by Naomi Wolf: “The End of America: Letters to A Young Patriot.” Excellent book, full of history and some really scary comparisons, observations and speculations.

    My DH accuses me of being all doom and gloom but many of the theories postulated in her book, a year ago, are coming about… faster than even she expected.

    I have a crack-pot theory but it’s just that, a crack-pot theory. It’s crazy radical and all together possible at the same time.


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