10/3/08 day late image prompt

Oops. It’s been a topsy turvy week. I apologize to those who have sent work in that I have not yet put up. I’ll try to post it later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, here is something Broadus and I started in the Spring that we are just getting back to. I don’t know if it is finished, but I am ready to be done with it. Remember when you are looking for stories here that this is a collaboration with an eight year old, one who will be nine on Halloween. One who continues to lead me. Best wishes for a great week.

. fecundity-at-play, from Glenn Buttkus, creator of bibliosity

and in case you are interested in where these things come from, here is a studio view of works in progress…

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9 Responses to 10/3/08 day late image prompt

  1. Tina says:

    I’ll try to come up with one later. Just wanted to say, it’s a great piece. A lot going on. I can think of 100 stories to go along with it. Please tell Broadus ‘fine job’ 🙂


  2. ybonesy says:

    Cool shot of your studio, Rick!


  3. callie guerin says:

    Rick, I love your artwork. Its really special and beautiful to do a collaboration with a child because the world doesnt quite understand that a person is a legitimate expression of life from the moment they arrive not just after they are fed information, as if we are empty vesssels to begin with.
    I often wonder why you always express such femininity and birth in all of your paintings, but I also realize that there is probably so much more and perhaps my perceptions pick up only on the familiar. thanks for going the extra mile…


  4. Michele says:

    LOVE this piece. I really like the movement created by the young woman and the pregnant woman. There is a feeling of love in this whole piece. Great Job!!!


  5. johemmant says:

    Beautiful work…….and Broadus helped? WOW.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    Thanks Tina, I look forward to it. And I’ll tell Broadus you like the work.

    ybonsey, see you there for coffee one of these days as you pass by on your way to the cabin. The studio is in the unfinished top floor of the castle. Quiet. I even get campus wireless.

    Jeez, Callie, I don’t know. Maybe those four sisters and growing up in a house of women? By the way, it looks like we’ll be spending 5 days with Zipporah on the upcoming border trip. Starts Wed. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks Michelle. This one has been hard to finish. I lost what I liked and had to put it down for a few months. It is coming back now. I really like Broadus’ boy in the right foreground and the little girl by the dancing pony in the left foreground. There are several images here I would like to extract and place in individual settings. Oh, and it is somehow always about love, isn’t it? Some shape or form or image of it.

    Thanks Jo, how’s the traveling poet? I’ll be back to visit soon. Broadus helped physically start this one and then got drawn away and I took it forward from there into ruination. When we came back to it he helped with valuable suggestions and critiques.


  7. marlowe44 says:

    Art like so many things of magic and mystique, comes from a person being able to stay in touch with their inner child. Remember also that in former lives, we have all been both sexes. Some of we men, who are more “sensitive” still remember those feminine insights, those wiles, bringing life, nurturing it, living closer to our emotions. We are the lucky men who come closer to understanding women, or so they say. Creativity, sensitivity, on psychological profile charts are considered feminine traits. At 14 when I took my first survey in that regard, like 70% of my answers, my traits, showed up on the feminine side of the medium. I asked my teacher if this meant I would grow up to be a homosexual. “No,” he said,”It probably means you will grow up to be an artist.”

    Another great painting, Rick. I will work on responding to it soon. We can see the infuence of Broadus in it too. God, what most of us would have given to have an artist for a Dad, who let us into his world.



  8. marlowe44 says:

    Yes, and it is fun to get another glimpse into your studio. Brings to mind the studio where my Grandfather, who was a landscape and Western artist, Sky Carpenter, used to paint.
    I did manage to write something for the image:

    Fecundity At Play


  9. shingirmingir says:

    wow, I love your studio! and the innocent style of your paintings.


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