it’s true

I just get better and better looking. Thanks, Virginia Jones, for sending this little portrait, a memento of our Grand Canyon rafting trip. Photo by Mike Jones or Liz Willey.

In the beginning, when we were still made of mud, and pieces of ourselves were always falling off, it was necessary to live close to water. Running water was best. Still water makes smelly mud, and we would be too easily stalked if we were to leave smelly droppings as we walked to and fro across the earth. Red mud was the best of all, because it was the oldest, ground from the most ancient stone to the finest dust and therefore an aid to memory, for we were an old people, the oldest people, and too easily did we forget our origins. We saw that often, especially upon the veldt but also far to the arid, mudless north. Straggling remnents of once vital families and strong tribes, mud slatherings fallen away, soft skin the color of sand, dry grass, dark water, shadow, or the clouds at sunset; peppered with bug bites and burned by the sun and worst of all, no memory of who they were, where they came from, how they came to be, and no idea of where they were going. Sad people with vacant eyes, lost in the bewilderness, but lessons to us all.

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11 Responses to it’s true

  1. amuirin says:


    That was unexpected. Delightfully gooshy mug, R.

    You look like a delighted fantasy mud creature- see, now you’ve gone and become something from one of your paintings.

    I liked the writing, too. Mucho.


  2. johemmant says:

    what A said *grin*


  3. Lirone says:

    Brought a huge grin to my face… on a Monday morning, too!


  4. marlowe44 says:

    More than a grin on my face after reading your stirring prose,sir. The pic is other-worldly and yes, belongs to the spot where the impetus for much of your painted imagery comes from–but the prose was deep and sticky and fecund. I did the linebreaks on it, titled it MUDRA MORNINGS, and posted it on FFTR. Enjoy. Used an old painting of yours to illustrate.



  5. rick mobbs says:

    Thank you everyone. I haven’t looked yet this morning but remember I had fun with it last night. Complicated life keeping me from much writing much but I am back in the studio again. Yaaa!!! Co-painting with Broadus again, too. Always the best of adventures. Thank you for visiting and leaving the notes behind.

    Glenn, if I could get one thing across to you it would be that I think you should find someone to help you figure out why your links never work when you leave a comment, and to correct whatever the problem is. Your blog is such a resource, such a interesting corral for so many different kinds of things. I think you would have many more visitors if you made getting there a one-click thing.


  6. ybonesy says:

    How did your skin feel after you rinsed it all off? Soft, eh?

    Hey, how was Isabel?


  7. Angry Ballerina says:

    I love the way it feels between my toes. it goes SQUISH


  8. marlowe44 says:

    My old high school pal, Doug Palmer, took your advice, and removed himself as adminsitrator on FFTR. We will see if it changes my link status.


  9. ozymandiaz says:

    why is this image reminscent of a Rambo movie scene?


  10. rick mobbs says:

    ozy, I think it was the batshit. Rambo crawling through a cave and emerging covered with batshit.


  11. artpredator says:

    great image and fun piece of writing!! wonderful combo!


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