9/24/08 image prompt

A day early but I’ll be out of town tonight (off to Santa Fe to hear Isabel Allende with my son, Broadus, who loves her children’s stories, and a van full of international students from UWC-USA). And besides, this is one of the paintings I am currently working on. I’m interested to see what you see in this work-in-progress. Best wishes for a great, productive, safe, happy week.

through a haze, by lirone

Domesticity, by Tiel Aisha Ansari

Is it Teeth? from Callie Guerin

Someday, by Guatami Tripathy

Equus Aethereus, by Glenn Buttkus

Give Up, by Noah the Great

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13 Responses to 9/24/08 image prompt

  1. callie guerin says:

    Is it teeth
    are there teeth
    Or is it an imagining of a fear?
    What is pleasure
    is it attainable?
    by giving and seeing
    taking and leaving
    or is it beauty
    and balanced
    who takes the fire?
    and are they watching?


  2. amuirin says:


    This is the sort of painting of yours I love best. The magical kind.


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Hey Callie, great to hear from you! I’ll post the poem. GOOD TO SEE YOU’RE letting that creative juice flow.

    gautami, that’s a nice match. I’ll put it up. Thanks.

    amuirin, i do so want to please you. i’ll see what i can do about the magic. it feels good to get back in the studio again after a long interruption due to work and family stuff. it’s funny how naturally it comes back.`


  4. rick mobbs says:

    Glenn, Found the other attempts in my spam folder. Don’t know how you get there but will watch it more carefully.


  5. marlowe44 says:

    I guess they eat spam a lot in Camelot as Monty Python sang in MP & The Holy Grail. We all hope to see one of your paintings soon to have more dragons in it; love those fire breathbreathers.



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  7. lirone says:

    A bit slower than normal, but here’s mine…

    through a haze


  8. Surprisingly, this painting makes me think of Domesticity



  9. lirone says:

    Meant to ask…. what’s your UWC connection? I’m a former UWCer myself, hence the curiosity!


  10. marlowe44 says:

    For those who might want to peruse my poem for this prompt, a Classics professor pal pointed out that my Latin sucked, so Equis Ethereal has become EQUUS AETHEREUS. Looks better now.


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