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14 Responses to obama

  1. Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!


  2. ybonesy says:

    This was the only song I was able to catch of the Democratic convention, as I was in Vietnam. It was so moving to see them perform it in Denver. Wow.

    I’m keeping the faith, Rick. We are going to win.


  3. rick mobbs says:

    I’m keeping the faith, too, even if I do find crowds chanting anyone’s name a bit unsettling. At this point though, the devil I don’t know looks a whole lot more attractive than those we have gotten to know far to well these last eight years.


  4. nanda says:

    Rick, as I told you, I hope you are right. I’ve followed Obama from the distance –as well as the other candidates– and I still don’t FEEL it. If I lived there I would definitely vote for Obama, but nor out of conviction but because I can’t stand the Republicans.
    From here It still feels as though “foreign policy” only referred to middle east and maybe (only maybe) to Mexico. The rich countries haven’t realized yet that their best bet as a POLICY is to promote the development and reduce the hunger in the places closest to them. That way everybody wins, that way immigration would not be a US or EU problem. I’m talking about BALANCE.
    I wish to hear Obama talk about Latin America as if he knew where it is and not something he read in a book….
    Maybe it’s just our current situation that doesn’t help me be optimistic.


  5. Tina says:

    I’m ready to vote for him again. When my husband and I and our 3 ‘voting age’ children cast our ballots for Obama in the primary, I can’t describe the pride I felt. Watching his speech on race, again with the children…looking at their faces that look so similar to the man they were watching. At that moment, they knew that their race wasn’t goig to limit them in this world. At that moment, I cried.

    Maybe we can gain back some of the respect of other countries, that we have lost in the last 8 years.

    Obama ’08 !!



  6. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Nanda, good to hear from you. Things still crazy in Caracas? Here’s hoping things get better there, too.

    I know your hesitation about Obama, but I don’t know that anyone could make much out of the mess we’ll be left with when Bush leaves office. There is so much to undo, and once something is written into law it becomes that much harder to undo it. So I image just digging out from under will take years. But I can’t see how Obama could make it worse and my hope and belief is he’ll try his best to make it better, and better according to a set of values that makes sense to me.

    Stay in touch, please. I’ll update the skype.

    Tina, I’m with you there. Enjoyed the poem, too.


  7. callie guerin says:

    I wish they would run this as an ad on television. Thanks for putting it up, Rick. I hope you’re all well and that little baby, she must be so cute!


  8. rick mobbs says:

    She’s pretty cute. Zipporah is, too, by the way. We are enjoying having her here.


  9. marlowe44 says:

    Gosh, this is strange, on the two computers I have checked this posting out on, I see “obama” as a heading, but the section is blank, no pic, no essay, no comment, no posting. Now it must be there for the rest of you, cuz you are responding to “something”. I must say Barrack Obama is the most exciting thing to happen to politics in the 50 years since JFK; 48 actually. Watching his acceptance speech brought me to tears. If he accomplishes one tenth of his goals this will be a better world. To criticize this man because he inspires an electorate is absurd. That’s like being critical of Olivier in Hamlet because he was so good in the part he made his co-stars look inadequate. My family will vote the Obama ticket. Colin Powell stays out of the limelight because he feared assassination. Let’s hope Obama will not be our latest martyr.



  10. damyantig says:

    Let’s hope Obama will not be our latest martyr.

    Despite not being an American, this is my prayer too.


  11. amuirin says:

    I hadn’t seen this before, that’s a pretty amazing collaboration.


  12. Fitch says:

    Obama is such an inspiration to so many! Case in point: the area in which I live is heavily populated with Republicans. There are McCain signs and bumper stickers everywhere I go. BUT my 12 year old daughter insisted on wearing an Obama shirt to school a couple of days ago. And I have to tell you, I was so extremely proud of her! She knew she would be verbally insulted and abused (and she was) but she still wanted her fellow students to know where she stood! That’s inspiration, folks! When you can inspire a 12 year old – who isn’t even old enough to vote – to stand up for you in the face of overwhelming opposition – at an age when fitting in is everything – WOW! I could have never done such a thing at age 12. I can barely do it now at age 40!


  13. rick mobbs says:

    Their fearlessness and willingness amazes me, too. What a great generation of youngsters!


  14. Michele says:

    The devil… I do know ALL too well, Rick. Believe me…he is not someone I want to mess with.


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