openhand’s story

.the dragon prince

Mister Openhand, I think maybe it would be okay to quit your day job.

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6 Responses to openhand’s story

  1. cordieb says:

    @Mister Openhand . . . *standing up in applause” Oh! What a wonderful story. You are such a great writer! The fantasy, imagination and moral meaning in this story should be shared with all children and adults alike. Thank you for creating and sharing this story with us. Bravo!!!!! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . CordieB.


  2. openhand says:

    Nine bows, CordieB.


  3. Marlowe44 says:

    Openhand: Your story was thrilling. I’m sure Broadus loved it, as did the rest of us. It inspired me to add to the dragon lore with my own poem: DRAGONS DESCENDING.

    Find it at on my site, Feel Free To Read.



  4. Openhand says:

    Glenn: for some reason I can’t seem to access that poem–is it just my browser or did you intend to embed the link? Regardless thanks for the kinds words.


  5. rick mobbs says:

    Senor Openhand, here is a link to Glenn’s poem.

    Thought you were off to China?


  6. openhand says:

    Quite a nifty story. As an aging reader of Fred Saberhagen, and others of what might be now called the old guard, sending you appreciation for that take on the image.

    Yes, was in China, now back, thanks. Still jet lagged. Ugh.


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