will scarlet’s feud

The Kid has a blog. Will Scarlet’s Feud. He is telling stories and, chip off the old block, he is collecting stories. Any kind of story, it seems, and from anyone, as long as it is from personal experience. He has started a story chain, the linkages being story, to story, to story, without explanation (or apology). Knowing him I imagine he’ll make the rules up as he goes. So if you have an experience to relate, a story to tell, or a memory to release, there is a place to do it.

And a right pleased and happy pappy I am to announce it. Yep, the secrets out. I’m an old guy, and the Young Turk is right on my heels. We made a pact, years ago, that if I would run ahead of him when he started feeling restless, and sprinkle instant monsters for him to take on in to-the-death-single-combat, he wouldn’t put me in A Home. At least, not until later. (And then only if he could catch me.) The instant monsters serve the pupose of keeping him from unleashing his awsome, restless, destructive potential upon the world. (See, Killer in the Ring. Also Roger Zelazny) He thinks the threat of the Home keeps me on my toes. Keeps me young. He doesn’t know about the volcano.

So, check out Will Scarlet’s Feud, and tell Bruno a story.

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1 Response to will scarlet’s feud

  1. marlowe44 says:

    Rick, you are like a closet Charlie Chan, with your sons numbered, enit? I clicked over to Jason’s blog site and liked it. However I encountered some difficulty posting comments. Par for my course. I did get one short one on. Maybe there is a cyber quota for the old Butcher Boy. I have some stories I would like to submit. Hope it works out for him.



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