image post 8/22/08

Hello everyone, Broadus and I are just returned from from our 8 day AzRa rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Some rafting groups are put together by AzRa and people get to know each another over the course of the trip. We went on a trip chartered by family and friends. I would definitely recommend doing it the way we did. Deep relations can only deepen. . And I would definitely recommend the experience. It was like a slow trip through a deep footprint left on Creation. God’s footprint, if you will. Photos and more about all of that later. We are still in Flagstaff, Az., 6 hours from home. Broadus, my 8 year old son, was amazing through the whole adventure, with his cheerful attitude, his care for safety, his love of family, his wide eyes and his endless questions that left us all thinking. I want to thank all of you who wrote and called to ask about our safety after the flood last week. We were a day or two up-river and in no danger. More about that later, too. . So. Here is the day late picture prompt. This is a photo from the trip. I’ll include others to give you an idea of the grandeur we faced daily. The prompt: . … and the teasers. More later…

Broadus Mobbs with Michael Thomas Jones

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15 Responses to image post 8/22/08

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  2. Lirone says:

    Sounds like a great holiday – look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Here’s a poem that springs from your photo and a recent holiday of mine – flesh and rock


  3. johemmant says:

    Amazing photos… glad you’re safe, though I didn’t know you were in danger or would have been worrying. Talk to you soon. J


  4. Bo says:

    Surely an experience of a lifetime. What a marvelous experience for the two of you.


  5. Angry Ballerina says:

    Wait, there was a flood!?


  6. Nanda says:

    Hi Rick, I’m glad you’re back. I kept ckecking everyday to see if you had been evacuated because of the flood.

    We need to talk, call me when you get home.

    Just HAD to write becase the face in the rock in the first photo reminded me of Doc! I will find the photo I have from that angle and send it to you.

    Love, have a safe trip back and say hi to everyone.


  7. Heather says:

    I’m sure you’re trip was wonderful and well worth the Darfur fridge! Hope all is well. Kiss Ada and Broadus for me.
    lots of love, Heather


  8. Meander says:

    Hello…I am new to your site. Wow…those are some spectacular photos. I can only imagine being there.


  9. This is how the Grand Canyon struck me when I was there: Grand Canyon


  10. DSvT says:

    so nice photos you had took…
    Wish I can go for a holiday in near future…


  11. marlowe44 says:

    Here is sentinel. Yes, many of us worried about you and Broadus when the flood news hit the media. We should have known the angels on Mobbs shoulders would look out for you. The photo as an image prompt is a new experience. I do agree with Nanda that there definitely is a face in the rock. Will stare at it some and see what develops. Welcome home and am looking forward to more data about your trip.



  12. rick mobbs says:

    marlow, a very imaginative piece of work! You are a mythmaker.

    It looks like somewhere in your blogger preferences or profile you have neglected to enter your url. That may be the source of your problems with posting. If you have not already done the following, try going to “edit user profile”, scroll down to “general” to find “homepage url”. There, try entering:
    see if that works for you…

    lirone, jo, bo, angry, nanda, heather, meander, tiel, DSvT, thank you for your interest and support. Here is a snippet from an email to give you some idea of our recent experiences…

    …we are fine. Thanks for asking. We were a day or so upstream on the Colorado when a dam above Havasu Falls gave way and flooded a village, some campgrounds and came rushing down a beautiful side canyon and emptied into the Grand Canyon. No fatalities as far as we know. We were a day or so up-river and were in no danger. Those communities on the North Rim got 4 days of rain and the earthen dam gave way. Damage up the side canyon but the Colorado quickly found its equilibrium. Really muddy from there. We got two nights of soaking rain, one spent in a tent. Midnight the other, Broadus and I finally gave up and ran for a limestone cave I had spotted earlier in the day. We played tag with laser pointers on the ceiling of the cave until we dropped off to sleep. No critters that night though some of the highlights of B’s trip were finding a tarantula, a rattlesnake, and on the way home, a dead scorpion rolled up in the zip-lock bag containing his epi-pens…


  13. xpalla says:

    Nice to have you both back safe and sound. What an amazing trip.


  14. pieceofpie says:

    you found rock man along the way… grand canyon is awesome… the photos are beautiful and thank you for the post, writing abt your adventures w/family… happy to hear all is well….


  15. ybonesy says:

    Fabulous shots. What a fun thing to do with Broadus.


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