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I am once again on the road. This time with my 8 year old son, Broadus. Today we drove to Flagstaff, Arizona. Tomorrow we leave on an 8 day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, a trip that fell out of the sky, so to speak. It only cost me one of my favorite paintings, the Darfur Fridge…

Well, and some cash. I wish I could report from the river but I’ll post some pictures when we get back. Since I won’t be able to put up an image prompt on Thursday, I’ll post an one here now. I hope you find a story or two in the picture. Backstory later. Peace.

.  From Bruno, who knows whereof he speaks: MORGAN

Boxing out, from the rambling of angelica

.  and from noah the great, of noahthegreat, Worry

.  Glenn Buttkus wrote Fist of Dreams

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12 Responses to early image prompt

  1. Shiny Things says:

    Have a wonderful trip and please do post some of those pictures!
    It would give me the rare opportunity to go rafting through the Grand Canyon vicariously through your eyes, probably the ONLY time I will go rafting at the Grand Canyon! 🙂

    Safe travels!


  2. christine says:

    Sounds like a fun trip. You sold Darfur Fridge? Exciting, but like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

    Dana is starting a postcard poetry project, and wants poets and artists to submit, so I thought of you. Here’s a link-
    postal poetry project

    Be well!


  3. marlowe44 says:

    I love this painting. It shows your artistic abilites eclipse all forms of style. I did write something that came to me from the image, “Fist of Dreams”. I tried to post the notice a half dozen times on several computers, and then I emailed you a copy. I love computers.



  4. noahthegreat says:

    Figured a different style deserved a different poem.


  5. Angelica says:

    This reminded me of an a poem I wrote a while back, I just tweaked it a bit.

    Boxin Out


  6. marlowe44 says:

    The news yesterday about the thunderstorms in the Grand Canyon, flash floods, and evacuations put my teeth on edge. You and Broadus might have had a chance to ride in a helicopter. I am sure that many of us out here are adding you two to our prayers, and hope to hear the good news that you emerged from the canyon wet but safe.



  7. Will Scarlet says:

    I remember that day. I’m not the poet that Rick is. And don’t have a website, so it will have to go here.


    The waiting is the worst. The hour before the fight.
    I am ashamed for being so

    He sees it. As he sees everything.
    If you not scared, he says, it’s time for you to stop.

    But still, the waiting
    Is so . . .

    So he sits with me.
    Facing me.
    Slowly wrapping my hands.
    Nimble, gentle movements. Serene.
    Breathe, he says. Just breathe.

    Toothpick in corner of his mouth.
    Never shows emotion. An occassional smile flickers;
    Ocassional mischief.
    Nothing more.

    In our long van rides across the countryside.
    We would talk.
    Nightime excursions to
    Dusty towns.
    Past the grey mills.
    The quiet farms.
    On our way to the next fight. And the next.
    You kids don’t understand, he says,
    That a piece of me die each time you fall,
    and don’t get up, with your head high.

    A picture is taken.
    A moment frozen in time,
    Between rounds.
    I am overwhelmed. Overmatched.
    Never seen someone so strong, so fast.
    My breaths coming fast.
    inandout. inandout. whatthefuck.

    He slowly kneels down.
    And rests his forhead against mine.
    And smiles softly. Howyoudoin’?

    inandout. inandout.

    I’m going to stop the fight, he says quietly.
    And I freeze. And my eyes go wide.
    No. no. Please no. Anything, but that. Never.
    He picks up the white towel. It’s ready, he says.
    You better get busy then, he says.
    He’s not smiling now.

    When the fight ends. And they raise the other man’s hand.
    I close my eyes, and take in the moment.
    And life is wonderful.
    I fell, and got back up.

    I walk to him.
    And he takes my head, and brings it to his.
    Congratulations, he says.
    You done good.
    And he grins.
    And so do I.

    This is why we fight.



  8. marlowe44 says:

    Jason, I love your poem, bristling with thought, emotion, and sharp imagery. It is more than a poem. It is a short story by John Steinbeck or Jack London. It is a short film, or a long one. It is a perfect companion to Rick’s masterful painting.



  9. amuirin says:

    Have wonderful fun rafting.

    We’re headed for Yellowstone about the time you get back. I like… in a way… that you trade paintings for trips, and other magics.

    Like the old system of barter, when it was acknowledged through daily industry that there are things more precious than coin.

    I like that a lot.


  10. Naomi says:

    Yahoo, Jason, for your poem!

    and just a note to let everyone know that the rafting company says all their travelers are doing fine — the flooding was at the other end of the canyon — so, keep those that had to be evacuated in the light, and people whose homes are at the bottom of the canyon — and I’m sure we’ll hear some great stories from Rick and Broadus soon! They should be back home late Friday…




  11. marlowe44 says:

    Hot damn, eureka, and wunderbar!!! Rick & Broadus are safe! Thanks Naomi for sharing the great news. The image prompt has conjured up (4) poems already. It will be a nice addition to the storybook collaborative. “Amuirin” makes such a valid and terrific point about bartering. Art itself has value, intrinsic and deeply felt. It is a pity that sometimes it has to put food on the table as well. I have always felt that our government needs to take better care of its artists, to offer subsidies and grants to them busy and well fed.



  12. rick mobbs says:

    Shiny things, will do.

    Christine, I’ll check out the link. Sounds like it would be fun to do.

    Marlow, don’t know why you are having trouble posting. They aren’t ending up in the spam filter. Write me later. I’ll check out “fist of dreams”. Great title.

    hello, noah the great. I look forward to reading it.

    Jason, that one was for you. Your response is so like you. It’s wonderful. We’ll get that blog up. You’ll love blogging.

    amuirin, we did have wonderfulwonderful wonder filled fun on the river. Enjoy Yellowstone. I haven’t been there since I was 5 or 6. Would love to go back.

    Hey, Naomi… we are on our way home.

    Marlow, thanks for the good wishes.


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