this week

new writing:

I am a Hawk and a Mouse, by Christine

a note from the artist, from jo

Bluebirds are meant to sing by damyantig

Avian Armor from marlow44

liberate yourself from guatami tripathy

memories from lirone

tunnel of bones by tiel aisha ansari

for the birds by z

soaring by piece of pie

motion by ozymandias

observing life from Maekitso’s Cafe,

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8 Responses to this week

  1. damyantig says:

    Thanks, Rick, for including the link even tho I had not posted a link in a comment. I was waiting up for my hubby who came back from work past midnight, and remembered your image prompt. The very first line of the poem came to me then…..and it just went along from there.

    Thank you also for being so generous with your work, and for creating such a wonderful community of artists.

    Your daughter, btw, is every bit as pretty as I had imagined her to be even before she was born, you guys are such lucky parents:)


  2. rick mobbs says:

    damyantig, the way you wrote the poem is pretty much the way the painting unfolded, visually and thematically. I really like what you did with it.


  3. damyantig says:

    I am glad you like it. I was almost half-asleep when I posted it, at which point hubby came back home, so I simply got about fetching him dinner and clean forgot about linking it to you.

    Now that you seem to be a little more relaxed, could you take a look again at this post, and see if a painting comes out of it?


  4. johemmant says:

    A little late with this one, sorry.

    I loved this painting, it’s beautiful and I love that it was a collaboration with you and Broadus………the ripple effect, ha!


  5. marlowe44 says:

    All of your paintings seem to resonate viscerally with me, but your colloborations with Broadus really send me; like “Stupid War” did. This painting is one of my favorites, if that is possible.



  6. christine says:

    Hey, I’m back too! Summer is not supposed to be hectic….

    Here’s a link to a poem, not as bright and whimsical as your painting, but it’s what I produced today. Thanks again!

    I am a hawk and a mouse


  7. Brother Mobbs, Here’s one for this one, written last week, but I’ve been tidying it up. You are too terrific.

    Now I can start thinking about the next Storybook offering….


  8. rick mobbs says:

    Joyce, the poem is outstanding. I left a note on your blog. By the way I had to correct the link above as did not appear. Maybe you should check that setting again.

    Christine, it just seems to get hectiker and hectickerr. Thanks for the great story poem, I’m going back to check it out again. It has been crazy here, too. I have to get over and check out that postal poetry you mentioned.

    Marlow, thank you. It is one of our favorites now, too.

    Jo, I read it and loved it and have to come back and refresh my memory of it.

    Damyantig, I will get back to that. I’ll send myself an email now.

    Joyce, I just posted this weeks. Hope to hear from all of you.


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