8/7/08 image prompt

my four sisters

my four sisters

the summer is flying by. Hope it is a good one for you. Here is a summertime prompt I hope will elicit a story or two…

…and they have. Here are some…

.thresholds, from lirone (words that sing)

. sisters, from Z

. Shoreline, from noahthegreat

. Navigationally Challenged, by Tiel Aisha Ansary

. Kicking Up, by Jo Janoski

. Sisters with Purpose, by Pam (Amputated Moon)

. Sisters, from Ozy

. Artistic Bent, from Rose Dewy Knickers

. bonded forever, by Guatami Tripathy

. sisters of mercy, by Glenn Buttkus

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25 Responses to 8/7/08 image prompt

  1. I loved this photo. However my response is quite ordinary!



  2. I loved this painting as well Rick and my response is… well, you decide.





  3. marlowe44 says:

    Another incredible image prompt, Rick. This poem now resides on FFTR. http://bibliosity.blogspot.com

    Sisters of Mercy


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  5. Jo Janoski says:

    Hi, I’m new here. Here is “my post”.


  6. Glad you are finally home again after your stint “on the road.” Love this painting–also the bird–I am going to try both. I did a thing for “praise,” for the storybook.

    Get some rest. Enjoy your family.


  7. noahthegreat says:

    I sort of went on a tangent.


  8. rick mobbs says:

    So many variations! I’ve put them up on the blog and the storybook. And nice to have you back, noahthegreat!


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  11. Lirone says:

    Here’s mine – Thresholds

    Not about sisters at all…


  12. Fell in love with the frame. Wonderful work. 🙂


  13. randypepper says:

    my four sisters
    armed with love
    ready to take on the challenge
    of spreading it in the world


  14. rick mobbs says:

    randypepper, that about says it all.

    Hello, noah, z, pieceofpie, lirone, pam, jo, joyce and tiel, oz, guatami, rose, glenn and ritwick. I hope I didn’t overlook anyone. The dust is beginning to settle here. It has been a wild summer. I’m looking forward to spending time with your work. Thanks for all the contributions.


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  16. Jimi Kunkel says:

    This painting is so beautiful. Who is the artist of the four sister painting? I must buy a print for my mother. Please email the artist name to jimikunkel@gmail.com


  17. rick mobbs says:

    Hey Jimi, I painted it. Who else knows all 4 sisters so well now Doc and Aurelia are gone? Glad you like it. I’ve been surprized by the image’s popularity. I painted it quickly, for fun, thinking about those selfsame sisters. Prints are available. I just emailed you. Best wishes for the holidays and the new year.


  18. PsalmistBlue says:

    I love this picture and am borrowing it to represent a group we have recently renamed “4 Sisters”. So…I’ll throw out a fun story narrative with it.
    There stood Anne, Leah, Rebecca and Erica once again looking out on the horizon. Each had a battle to fight. Each had to make a choice. Individually, none of them would make it, but through Christ and sisterly love, there was no telling what would become of the impossible.


  19. PsalmistBlue says:

    Btw, I would like to see about buying 4 prints. Are you still out there?


  20. rick mobbs says:

    rickmobbs@gmail.com if you’re still out there!


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