back in new mexico…

i’m sitting here with a babe in arms. hence the lack of caps. she’s a month old and i’m pulling at her toes as she watches the screen. amazing little thing, making charming little sounds – grunts and chirps, little squeaks and whimpers. milk dribble, good smells… that baby smell some of you may know or remember. the little square head and the disappearing neck, powerful little belches. big brother runs in, shouts, grabs something and is gone. porch screen door slams. he’s raiding strawberrys from the garden. welcome to our world.

it is good to be back in the house after driving a moving van and trailer across the south. a three day drive with uncle al… moving the in-laws here to nm. a good thing, a really good thing.

lots of image prompt writing to read and post. thank you everybody for participating…

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7 Responses to back in new mexico…

  1. Paul says:

    That is a beautiful word picture of the tiny one. Glad to hear everything is going well. I am seeing your art everywhere I go inspiring some fantastic writing. Hello, are you the happiest man in the universe yet because you deserve to be.


  2. rick mobbs says:

    thanks, paul. i am a lucky man, i know. very blessed and aware of the fact.


  3. johemmant says:

    I’m so glad you’re back *grin*. That’s fantastic that Naomi’s parents will be nearby. My mother lives just down the road and she’s a huge part of the kids’ lives and they love her to bits, kids need that. I bet you’ve got cricked knees. Ada is scrumptious, and that description is bang on and just oozes love.


  4. marlowe44 says:

    Yes, your loving prose about the world of Mobbs is “scrumptious”. It even had a poem hidden in it (See FFTR if curious). Great to have you back on the blog. Having family strung out across the country is rough, especially regarding grandchildren. My oldest daughter has lived in North Carolina and Maryland for 6 years, and we have two grandsons, one 7 months and one 20 months, that we hardly ever see. But the universe can be kind. Daughter and grandsons are living with us now for 6 months while son-in-law does a tour in Iraq.



  5. amuirin says:

    Ohhh, baby land. You bring it back again.


  6. ybonesy says:

    Hey Rick (and Naomi, if you’re reading this). Lovely snapshot of your world. Sounds heavenly. Yum, strawberries in the garden. Cool mountain climate of Las Vegas is perfect for strawberries, eh?

    Such a pleasant surprise last Saturday…I recognized Naomi from a photo you posted on the blog. It’s sort of mind-boggling to run into someone in person you only previously know through the computer screen. Now I’m wishing I would have been able to chat much longer.

    So, when you guys come through to ABQ, do give a call. Coffee on the patio this fall. Or whenever. Please do send an email (now remembering that you don’t have my phone number).

    p.s., extended family nearby is good, methinks.
    p.s.s., your latest painting is awesome.


  7. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Jo. I just may have cricked knees. What are they?

    Glenn, it has to be tough on the family to have the dad in Iraq. No wonder the criminal stupidity of the war pisses you off so.

    Always good to hear from you, Amuirin. Tonight she is cried for an hour, and no visible cause or explanation. She did the same thing this time last night. It is heart-rending, not to be able to help or comfort her.

    ybonesy, naomi called me in NC to tell me what had happened. What a wild surprise! But I could see that happening at Ghost Ranch. Coffee on the patio sounds great. Will write.


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