the (friday) thursday image prompt’

We are a little scrambled here, with days and nights, hearts and minds full with work and children – so I am a little late with this one. But with kids in mind, here is a prompt to make up your own Abecedarium ! (And thank you Fernandita Sosa for the title.)

I is for Bug

I is for Bugs




And these photos give me a place to post some of the poems friends have written to celebrate the arrival of the newest member of our family (and her place in the bigger human and celestial picture.)

broadus and Ada, 1st minutes

Broadus and Ada, 1st minutes

Ada @ 10 days

Ada @ 10 days

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11 Responses to the (friday) thursday image prompt’

  1. I’m putting together a Silverlock Abecedarium Enjoy!


  2. What Great-Looking Kids! No kidding! (It must be something genetic….).


  3. Tina Trivett says:

    Doesn’t get any better than those faces…priceless.


  4. Ahhhh, what beautiful, beautiful children. Congratulations on the expansion of your wonderful family!


  5. Angry Ballerina says:

    Wow, I’m slightly jealous. And then I remember the dirty poopy diapers, the midnight feedings, colic, the smell and color of baby poo, not to mention spit up.

    But then when their sleeping. Awwww…You lucky lucky man.


  6. marlowe44 says:

    Had a trek to the Pacific coast this weekend, with my two grandsons, and the family. I had not met the youngest, Austin, who is now 7 months old. Our big boy, Ethan, is now 20 months old, and has his own language, and runs not walks everywhere. The screaming, fussing, drooling, and poopy diapers freaked my old carcuss out. My oldest daughter, and the boys, will stay with us until February, while my son-in-law is deployed in Iraq. Lively times around our once empty nest. Ada is a vision, that’s for sure.



  7. janetleigh says:

    Hello, Rick *wave* I feel like I’m out of the cave and heading for the belfry.. ;> It’s been crazy around my place and crazier than usual without having the internet at my disposal! We’ve rigged a computer for me to use until my husband resuscitates (rebuilds) my dead computer. I’ve been used to a pretty fast set-up before it died and I resorted to an old junky, clunky computer lying around in the shop which is slower than a turtle but faster than a door stop, heh heh.

    Ada’s one of the prettiest babies I’ve seen in my lifetime. She looked perfect right after delivery; not like most newborns I’ve seen anyway. She’s precious that’s for sure. I’ve been thinking about you all and hope you’re doing well; so much excitement and activity with a new baby! Wish you all love and joyful noise!


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  10. nande says:

    Love the 2 hands joined with the 2 gorgeous children – a family love knot.


    Not posting much right now. It’s alright.


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