a note of thanks


to cristine, for her mention on readwritepoem.org

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4 Responses to a note of thanks

  1. artpredator says:

    congrats on the baby ada–what a special time…


  2. You’ll probably see this at readwritepoem, but I thought I;d leave the link here as well.

    Inside Fibonacci


  3. marlowe44 says:

    Your images are great fun. I am still scratching my head at the I and the J symbols. Perhaps “J” is for jackinthebox. The style is like Dr. Seuss, but the spirit is pure Mobbs. I guess the fact that the “jack” got out of his box on several places is indicative of something, enit? Perhaps birth, escape from lethargy or boredom, creativity in blossom? Have to stare a bit longer at the images, and just enjoy them.



  4. christine says:

    Thank you, Rick, for sharing these paintings and your poems with us. I’ve learned a great lesson from you and this project, about how hoarding serves no purpose, and generosity reaps its own rewards! I’ll be back later with a link to Portrait of Nanda.


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