7/10/08 image prompt

Good morning! Time for work, gotta go. Here’s a picture. Backstory, and more about Ada, later!

. praise, by joyce davis (pepek the assassin)

. The Condor Soars, by Lirone, on Words that sing

. Bystander, by one more believer, on piece of pie ala mode

. First Light, by Tiel Aisha Ansari, on knocking from inside

. tears trickle slowly, by gautami tripathy, on firmly rooted

. Aztec Eyes, by Marlow44, on feel free to read

. Leonine, by niebla/fog, on niebla, a hermetic weblog

. ’tis a gift to be simple, by Paul Squires, on gingaTao

. Ghost of a Promise, by Brad Frederiksen, on maekitso’s cafe

. Praise, by Ranier Marie Rilke, just because…

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18 Responses to 7/10/08 image prompt

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  2. lirone says:

    Firstly, many many congratulations on the birth of little Ada – I do look forward to seeing more photos and finding out more about her. My friend has also had her baby… so I suspect I need to write a poem about the end of waiting now!

    But in the meantime, here’s my response to today’s prompt –

    The condor soars


  3. johemmant says:

    Gorgeous art, gorgeous…….kiss of the wind, hey? Give Ada kisses from me.


  4. oh, i was looking for inspiration today… thank you for posting… will be back later…


  5. Congratulations on your daughter’s safe arrival! I’m new here, but here’s my contribution: First Light


  6. I suppose my interpretation is very different:

    tears trickle slowly


  7. marlowe44 says:

    I sent you a copy of my poem, AZTEC EYES, as an inspiration derived from your painting. It is very central or south American in feel. Hope you received it. I could not get the blog gnomes to accept here.



  8. marlowe44 says:

    Aztec Eyes

    Lion king,
    staring malevolently
    from out of the
    many colored stones—
    how did you find your way
    from Africa
    to Central America;
    how did you become
    an Aztec god?

    You are more
    than a puma,
    but not quite
    a tiger—
    yet you clearly have
    leopard’s spots.

    Your mane
    radiates from solid rock
    like shards from the sun.
    Your crown is regal
    qnd busy,
    decorated with alien
    yet familiar
    Your whiskers are thick,
    Blending magnificently
    Into your liege’s collar.

    One eye is red,
    the other blue,
    with battle, blood, and anger
    on the right,
    and the sea, and great lakes,
    and waterfalls
    and tears
    on the left.

    Have you appeared to me
    as a portent of doom,
    bellowing and roaring righteously,
    needing to be heeded and heard
    as a dark reminder,
    or as a celebration,
    a gift
    for the awakened?

    I see love
    in your face,
    and sternness,
    and wonder,
    and pity,
    and pride—
    frightening, fascinating
    and fully feline;
    yet so much
    a cosmic cat lord,
    a galaxial anomaly.

    I salute you,
    obey you,
    bow to you,
    and reach out
    in obeisance.
    All I ask,
    all I require
    is that you be
    more than mist,
    more than paint,
    more than granite;
    that you be
    all that is—
    for we need you
    more than ever.

    Glenn A. Buttkus July 2008


  9. marlowe44 says:

    I bumped into this image from your February archives; the backstory is great. Can’t wait for you to share it with the recent comers and bloggers.



  10. lirone says:

    Glenn… if you don’t have a blog, please get one so I can read more poems like that!


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  12. pieceofpie says:

    found a morsel to chew on bystander


  13. Paul says:

    Heh Mobbsy, hows it going? Just wanted to let you know, I am doing this one.


  14. Paul says:

    Here it is. It is very short and used a link to the imagefile in your blog rather than posting the picture. I hope that’s okay. Thanks for the picture it is fantastically wonderful,


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  16. Rick, several people when reading my poem dedicated to and inspired by your painting image prompt, have turned to this site to check out what artist could have come up with such an icon. One hand feeds and washes the other, as they say. Great stuff, this collaboration of yours.



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  18. Pam says:

    Here is another poem inspired by your wonderful work!

    Don’t Look Over There


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