lots of hummingbirds

around the feeder (me) but still no baby. We are in no hurry. Movie has taken over my life. It feels good to be back in the saddle again. More later. Here are links to new work to go with last week’s image.

. Again he dreamed of divine love , by Cristine, author of the blog, mariacristinapoesia.

. on Icarus’ wings, by cheong lee san, author of the urban poems blog

. imagine freedom, by lissa, creator of the blog, flyturtlefly

. artist of the portrait, by amuirin, author of stop and wander.

. ripe with the fullness of waiting, by damyantig, of daily (w)rite

. tasting the sun, by pepek, of my uncle pepek’s journal…

. stars and fire and bliss, from lirone, of words that sing

. the kiss, by nan-de, author of the blog, vignettes

. partly cloudy, by pamela olson, creator of amputated moon

. blessings, by tina trivett, author of the poetry of tina trivett

. sometimes love sustains us, from Z, While her post is not x-rated her blog is deeply personal.

. spring, from piece of pie ala mode

. a dream of fire and air, by niebla, from her hermetic weblog, niebla/fog

. clouds percolate from the sun, by gautami tripathy, of firmly rooted

. the daughter, by yours truly


. a little note of explanation, or sizzle, in memory of broadus evans

. paint me a picture, by Jodi, creator of the weblog, why paisley

. Just Ride, by Z. of thenakedtruthaccordingtoZ. Her post is for anyone, but her blog is adults only.

. yearning, by gautami tripathy, of Deli, India. Her weblog is firmly rooted


. I found barefoot boy on floresence as I tripped around before work this morning. It is a three-way collaboration between johemmant, cristine and this unwitting author of the painting.

I just posted all these on the storybook collaborative also. Naomi says it should be collaborative storybook. What do you think?

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13 Responses to lots of hummingbirds

  1. paisley says:

    collaborative storybook

    never second guess your wife… LOL!!!


  2. johemmant says:

    Oh, I managed to lose my comment somehow. I said hummingbirds, amazing creatures…..and late babies are better, bigger and harder to get out (my latie was 9 lb 12 oz, too much information *grin*), but they sleep and feed better……..good luck, Naomi (hug).


  3. lirone says:

    Have recently found this site and enjoyed these inspiring pictures… here’s a poem to go with your image from last week:

    Stars and fire


  4. amuirin says:

    I kinda like storybook collaborative, but I guess they’re both good.


  5. damyantig says:

    Another one, this time inspired by this pic, and dedicated to Naomi…lots of hugs and continued good wishes to her:)

    Btw, I am glad you are working on the movie and enjoying it, wish I could say that about my work….


  6. angryballerina says:

    Orgasms help induce labor. (female)

    Now go hump!!!!


  7. I stopped by to see about baby news, and found all these great poems and stories! It’s amazing how the process keeps growing. Generosity reaps so much more than hoarding.

    I read about your project on Poetmeister too. Congratulations!
    I’ll be back to read after I’ve written for the latest painting. I like to write my own interpretation first, then see what others came up with.

    Maybe it would be fun for us to all collaborate on the same painting. Or at least a few could team up.

    Thanks for all this.


  8. As far as the name of the new web site, either one is good. It would be hard for me to disagree with Naomi at this point. Hugs to her.


  9. Lakota says:

    iz there baby yet? ~smooches to the family~


  10. rick mobbs says:

    no baby yet, but any day now, auntie ‘kota. I’m off to work. How are things with you? I’ll remember to get that file off to you when the dust settles.
    xox Rick

    I’m way behind on responding to everyone. See you when I come up for air!


  11. damyantig says:

    Big hugs to everyone in your family, hope all is going well with Naomi, can’t wait to hear about sparkling new baby:)

    Don’t worry about replying, we will all be still here when you come up for air…:))


  12. marlowe44 says:

    “storybook collaborative” is pure Rick, somewhat more or less than logical or systematic, purely you. For it is a storybook first, something mantled in fairy dust, and your art, and many of our words and poetry–but it is collaborative second, secondary to your creative juices, your humanity, your insights, angers, joys, and points of view.

    To want to straighten it out to “collaborative storybook” seems to say a lot about the person Naomi might be. I, though, have to side with Rick on this one. It is like the choice you make in leaving your titles, and your prose and poetry mostly in lower case, letting your inner child lead the way.

    Speaking of inner child, goodness, the hatchling will be something sumptious, and she/he, who has perused the rosters of the carnate and has chosen you and Naomi and Broadus, she/he will then make an entrance based on her/his promptings, as she/he begins the journey as your child. We who are parents already are joyous that you two will be the parents of this bundle from the cosmos, and we inner children celebrate the love and light she will be bundled in and into.



  13. christine says:

    Hi, here’s a link to a poem I wrote for The Kiss, via tinyurl.com. Love that site!


    Best wishes to the family as the birthing draws near!


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