lunch break

big, big raindrops starting to fall. movie okay so far. I am getting more paint on the set walls than on myself, making an old hotel in Las Vegas NM look like one in Juarez, Mexico, with color references from Old Havana.

I am writing because I set up a new blog this morning – the storybook collaborative


I copied a number of the collaborative works to that blog so for the time being they can be found in both places. Don’t want to confuse people just want to let you know about this work in progress. Sorry about the short note, I have to get back to slog some paint. I’ll sort this new blog out and let you know what’s up with it.

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4 Responses to lunch break

  1. johemmant says:

    Would you take a breath, chill out, you never stop *grin*

    Thank you for doing it all, though.

    Tell Naomi I’m thinking of her and getting excited!!!



  2. paisley says:

    thrilled with the new site,, not only in the fact that it ia showcase for all the pieces to date,, but i am in love with the way you have made all of the paintings available in one place….

    thanks for all your hard work rick!!


  3. marlowe44 says:

    Nice start on the new site, sir. So far most everything you posted is still here on this site. Like Paisley said, it is cool to have a gaggle of your paintings in one space, easy to review, to copy and paste. When you find the time, you might click over to FFTR, because a few more of your paintings are being used by me, Palmer, and Janet Leigh. I love your artwork, and your poetry, and your prose. You are one unique individual, dude–and the world is better for it.

    There is a prayer chain in place, Rick, for the easy birth of the latest Mobbisite. These are the critical days, 18-22. Good luck to Naomi, with Broadus and you in attendance. We all wait with bated breath, with light hearts, with gunny sacks of white light and good intentions and love for the mob of Mobbs.



  4. Rick, you da MAN!


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