3 a.m. rambles, a family portrait

fuzzy picture of the mother-to-be: presenting Naomi Swinton… The new arrival comes any day. I’m betting it is a she…and coming on the night of full moon, but it could be anytime.

followed by pictures of Broadus Mobbs, the big-brother-to-be…

Broadus during a day at the beaver dams. He’s actually pretty excited about the new baby thing.

And Mr B working on a sword in Chris Thompson’s blacksmith shop just down the road. I’ll post more of these pictures. The place is amazing. Like Chris and his work.

And somewhere around here is a picture of me…

Found one. (I’m usually behind the camera.) Now to try for some sleep. Peace and blessings to all of you.

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16 Responses to 3 a.m. rambles, a family portrait

  1. Paul says:

    One thing we know for sure, Broadus is gonna grow up to be handsomer than his dad. Hello, Mrs Mobbsy. A full moon baby! Even more gifted. Wondrous miracles abound, yayayayaya,


  2. paisley says:

    the face behind the man and his legend!!! what a treat!!!


  3. marlowe44 says:

    For cyber reasons my aged cortex cannot comprehend, my WordPress moniker of Marlowe 44 does not click or lead to me. But for any one who is interested, my personal email is gbuttkus@yahoo.com and my blogsite is http://bibliosity.blogspot.com So someday I will learn more, or know more, about the wonders of blogging, the mysteries of Cyberama.

    Thank you so much for the family pix. Naomi is beautiful. Broadus is wonderful, just as you have painted him in oil and prose. And what a great mug, you have, sir! Birth and rebirth, entrance and return on this plane of existance. Family is everything, and yours is special. May it be an easy birth, as calm as Naomi’s eyes, as alive as Broadus’ imagination, as creative as Rick’s Art.



  4. marlowe44 says:

    Rickiticki: My heartfelt post, wishing you and family well, and thanking you for posting your pix, has been shuffled off to the peripherary; maybe your Spam folder. I listed some of my identity and contact data for those who are curious. The full moon is almost upon us, and your “daughter” is nearly here. Best of luck to you and yours!!



  5. So good to see pictures of you and your family. Heartwarming.


  6. johemmant says:

    Yay, Naomi looks lovely, Broadus is gorgeous, a good mix of the two of you, that beaver photo is a classic, and you look like the great guy I know you to be (and you also look like my brother and my father (I don’t mean age wise, I just mean face), weird)!!!!! So lovely to see you all…….Hope your first day is just tickedyboo!


  7. Hey, this is fun, to see you guys, a gorgeous family. You look like I thought you would. Strange, huh? I thought, oh yeah, that’s him, of course.


  8. Shiny Things says:

    Personally, MY 3am rambles produce some bruised shins, as the world around me sleeps in the darkness! 🙂

    I noted the moon was approaching full last night around 1am, keeping my rambles from becoming tomorrow’s aches…sooner, rather than later, you will be holding her OR him in your arms!

    The pictures are a delightful surprise! I LOVE seeing the world through other’s lenses – thank you for that and have a wonderful Monday!


  9. Hello, Mr. Mobbs. So happy to meet you! And I was like mariachristina, thinking, yes, of course that is him, and Ms Mobbs and Broadus, too (great photos, by the way). THanks.


  10. Lakota says:

    beautiful family and can’t wait to see the newest member… sooon.


  11. damyantig says:

    Like pepek and maria, I kind of recognized you as you:).

    Beautiful family, waiting for the beautiful addition!

    Best wishes to Naomi, you, and the young and handsome Mr B: may the new arrival bring lots of joy in your lives!


  12. annieepoetry says:

    oh baby. what a thought, a new life surrounded by art, If only we could all be so lucky, so wonderfully blessed.

    the world needs more artsy-fartsy dads…

    may light bless you rick and your family.


  13. amuirin says:

    You look *exactly* like you.


  14. graceofwynn says:

    Congrats on the baby! I am so excited for you and your family!

    Isaiah 49:1 (NKJV), “Listen, O coastlands, to Me, And take heed, you peoples from afar! The Lord has called Me from the womb; From the matrix of my mother He has made mention of My name.”

    Blessings, Lynn


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