6/12/08 image prompt

For all the hurting people out there. The quote is from Eileen Mayhew.

Some of you work so quickly, and produce such neat things. First out of the starting blocks is paisley, with her poem, paint me a picture. Her blog (and bloglets) are to be found at whypaisley.com

Z, author of the naked truth according to z, has written Just Ride, prompted not so much by the image as by the words of Eileen Mayhew, the same powerful words that prompted me to make the painting. She asked me to say her site is NSFW, though the post is. I had to look up NSFW. The post will speak to many. The blog is for grown ups only.

yearning, is a love poem by gautami tripathy, of Deli, India. The author of several blogs, he (!!!oops!!! I stand corrected, she ) wrote in from his blog, firmly rooted

it is nice to see a love poem here… I generally associate the image with pain, and healing.

to accompany this image Cristine, author of the blog, mariacristina, brings us the island of san perso. Other writing using this image and other images may be found in the recent post, new arrivals, new arrangements.

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16 Responses to 6/12/08 image prompt

  1. johemmant says:

    beautiful, again…..


  2. marlowe44 says:

    Let our tears come;
    let them water
    our soul.

    What a sentiment, and your painting captures it all, man. There is grief and joy and anticipation intact within; something to do with angels, and babies on their way, and teddy bears, and building blocks, and birds, and critters of the forest, and cities and smog with a sun turned brown from it, barely able to shine through the haze, and bodies in slumber, and possibly death becoming life, one dies and another is born. It is all there, and one of these days I will match it to some prose or poetry, sir. Thanks for yet another inspiring and deeply meaningful icon.



  3. paisley says:

    this one called right out to me rick.. thank you so much for the inspiration…..



  4. I love this shit!~


  5. Rethabile says:

    paisley is one of the few I know who can do that, ain’t she?


  6. Arkay says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful Rick. Far to poignant for anything I might write. I’ll just leave this one be.


  7. Z says:

    This prompt dragged out something that has been trying to be written for a long time, so it’s maybe less a reaction to the painting than the words. It’s here http://thenakedtruthaccordingtoz.com/2008/06/14/1004/ with the usual provisos about the site being NSFW though the post is.


  8. amuirin says:


    would it be alright to write about the image in the previous post, the one that went to the thoughtful death sentence commentary, ‘a life winking out’?


  9. rick mobbs says:

    Amuirin, you can write about anything here.


  10. Lakota says:

    RikkiTikki… am i an auntie yet? Smooches to you and yours.


  11. I came here, liked and was conquered!

    My take is not dark:



  12. Rick, I am very much a female!





  14. rick mobbs says:

    ack!!! I have let too much time go by without answering you kind people. Thank you for your words, I’ll hope to continue conversations with you here or elsewhere

    Pepek, thanks for the Father’s Day note!

    omygod gautami, I should have known. Thanks for the love poem addition to this blog. cheers! Rick.


  15. hello came this way via gautami’s post, referring to one single impression prompt… b/c of the vivid colors clicked on the pic to “see”… i saw i like… yeah, i’ve got a few tears left over from last week… i feel better already… i think thaz what i always thought but i think i forgot along the way… oh, and the prompt… i’ll come back…


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