5/29/08 image prompt –

Here is this week’s Thursday image prompt. The painting below was done in oils, on masonite, approximately 7’x3′. The picture is of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore as seen from San Marco Square, Venice, just across the channel.

and the image below is the same painting but with the colors inverted…

Please use either, or both, and take any direction you like…


For the (inverted) painting above, Arkay, author of the pessimistic idealist, wrote Negative Dark, a product of his sleepless night poetics. Maybe he should not sleep more often!

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15 Responses to 5/29/08 image prompt –

  1. Greybeard says:

    They’re beautiful Rick.


  2. whypaisley says:

    i had to change my domain name to whypaisley.com please change your links and or feed as necessary

    all you will have to do is remove the – from between why and paisley,, everything else will remain the same and will redirect you to the correct page…. sorry for the inconvenience…


  3. johemmant says:

    The sea in the first one is so real, I could dive in. Beautiful.


  4. amuirin says:

    Your paintings have a different feel, the last two times.

    I like this one, a lot, but I think the whimsical ones will remain my favorites. The enchanted, strange, surreal worlds.

    Still… places are inspiring.

    I wonder sometimes, do your feelings about your paintings change at all after people have written about them?

    And when you’ve finished a work, is that when it’s started for you? The contemplation, the wondering, the possible offer of the image for a story, or do you close the book on it as soon as you’re satisfied and turn to the next work, and the next one?

    Two authors, Ann Patchett and Tim Sandlin both say that once they are done with a book, they don’t think of it anymore. Sandlin says his readers are more familiar with his words than him, because once he’s done, it goes right out of his mind.

    I’m a bit opposite. I hardly think about something beforehand, I can’t seem to work unless it’s spontaneous, but after I write it, then I think about it. I think about what I meant, and how people respond, and where it might have come from.

    What happens when you create?


  5. Gosh, Rick, I am still behind, but here is mine for “Water.”

    Is everything still quiet and peaceful at your house?…


  6. rick mobbs says:

    thanks, greybeard, johemmant, paisley.
    pepek, i love it. and everything is peaceful here, thank you.
    thanks, amuirin, fascinating thoughts and questions. I love the way your mind turns… I’ll find some time and respond.


  7. watermaid says:

    I think the second image, with the colours inverted, is surreal. I’ve looked across the water from San Marco Square so maybe my memory will toss something to the surface, and I’ll finally make my debut here this week.


  8. Lakota says:

    visions of Atlantis keep playing in my head. Since i have today off {{YES!!!!!}} and got all inspired by rave reviews of my book yesterday from my writers’ group, i’m thinking i’ll do up something for this today. poem or short…hmmmm….
    i’m feeling naughty and wicked…


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  11. Pam says:

    It took me awhile for the inspiration to wash over me. Hope it’s not too late:

    Birth Song


  12. Bo says:

    Marvelous pair of artwork. They really resonate together.


  13. annieepoetry says:

    when I went to sea, and left my holy land, I looked back
    once to remember, then headed on.

    years later, when I returned I searched the horizon until I was thin. when I saw the tower
    still standing, after so many years, I rejoyced, thought I could see
    my virgin standing on the shore. but as I came closer, I saw my homeland, was disturbed by famine, and the buildings, hadn’t been painted in years.

    my virgin was a bit of drift on the rock shore.
    years before he had married, and lost two sons in a war.


  14. To me this painting is very mysterious. At first I thought of the lost city of Atlantis. I also thought of nineteenth century travelers, and how they would paint their views as they traveled along. Really beautiful.

    The island of San Perso


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