5/22/06 image post

Hello everyone, greetings from North Carolina. I’ll be here a few more days and then head back to New Mexico. The countdown begins. We are four weeks to Naomi’s due date (6/21). Don’t know whether to expect a boy or a girl but we are getting strong girl vibes. Broadus would have preferred a big brother but he is excited about the new arrival. Now to go back and get ready…


Here is this week’s image prompt. I hope you can think of something to do with it. Enjoy!


How Your Soul Might Slip Away, by Cristine, author of the blog, mariacristina. With video accompaniment!

Arkay, of the pessimistic idealist, wrote MAELSTROM

from niebla who writes the blog niebla/fog we have calf in the astral world,

And from my uncle pepek’s journal, from the image of a few weeks back, What They Said to Him.

for the image below, cristine, author of mariacristina, wrote In the Book of Good Love

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27 Responses to 5/22/06 image post

  1. johemmant says:

    I’m still working on the red one. This is beautiful too, of course it is. Later sk….


  2. 1morepoet says:

    beautiful work


  3. rick mobbs says:

    jo, i am looking forward to the red one. i thought maybe it had slipped by you. later sk…

    1morepoet, thanks for the comment. Your picture is intriguing, wish i could click back to see your work. Do you have a blog?


  4. Arkay says:

    You’re in North Carolina and you give us a cow picture. Hmmm. Must be ’cause I’m Canadian, but I just don’t see the connection yet 😉

    Hopefully I’ll have something on this offering sooner than next wednesday this time.

    Got my fingers crossed for you and yours for the next four(+) weeks.


  5. OK, here’s one. I am a little behind, but I will catch up…working on the red one, too. The Red One Two. 🙂


  6. rick mobbs says:

    thanks arkay

    pepek’s link to her new work is here


  7. Lisa says:

    those two pages are images, you just have to click on them! cheers


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  9. niebla says:

    I wish all three of you much happiness with the new arrival, be it girl or boy!



  10. ozymandiaz says:

    great image
    hope I can find some words


  11. alaina says:

    I just saw a new born baby calf down the road from my house. The calf in the painting looks like it is trying to orient its self to the world.


  12. Carole says:

    I haven’t yet written anything to go with your wonderful visual prompts . . . I’m going to have to be brave soon as i’m missing out.



  13. rick mobbs says:

    thanks lisa
    and for your entry and well wishes, niebla
    oz, you scoop up words like the blue haired child scoops up fish and water. you make it look easy.
    alaina, would love to hear more from you. please visit again.
    carole, write when you can. no deadlines, no missing out. would love to hear from you. enjoyed your blog this morning. will be back.


  14. Ali says:

    Here’s hoping the girl vibes are real 🙂 Not long now… I love what you have done with your blog. Image posting, the way it has grown –all of it. Everything is as wonderful as usual. Thinking of you and hope you get back “here” safely. Love Ali


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  16. What a great idea for a blog – glad I’ve found you. I live in the UK, Leicester and organise all kinds of arts projects for the local health service. At the moment we’re doing a touring art show and getting Jean ‘Binta’ Breese – who also lives in Leicester to run poetry workshops at each venue. The poetry coming out as a result of the pictures is so interesting – I’ll def have to come back and do something about one of your pieces:)



  17. Arkay says:

    Hey Rick! I think might just do the entire punny cow one as well. If you get a chance, go back and see Maelstrom, now that it is formatted correctly (I have no idea why it all went together the first time I posted it).


  18. James17930 says:

    This one has the potential to be either light or dark. I like paintings that give you the option.


  19. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Ali, thanks for the note. I’ll be over for a visit shortly.

    Arkay, I like the new formatting. And yes, do the punny cow!

    James, I am enjoying the debate on your blog. I’m with you. I don’t want to be told how to live either. To each their own.

    secretagentartist, your work is terrific. Please do come back.


  20. enigma says:

    is that the pretty little calf you once had a “thing” for? Shes lovely Rick, your a lucky man LOL


  21. rick mobbs says:

    she is indeed, enigma. what a memory!


  22. Paul says:

    Moo! She looks lost, those eyes looking into ours, almost pleading, where is my mother, poor little thing, moo,


  23. Paul says:

    Gotta love circles. It’s a great technical feat of dynamic focus, she is so clear even though she is in the middle distance. It will be interesting ekphrasia.


  24. rick mobbs says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for the note! Hope you are doing well. I’ll be back over to visit later.


  25. I made another video! Thanks for another wonderful collaboration. and I see I have lots of poems and stories to read.

    how your soul might leave your body


  26. Childlife says:

    You always have such amazing colors and textures in your work, Rick. The perspective in this one is really intriguing — a fun painting to just sit and daydream with. 🙂

    Congratulations on your impending re-entry into the wonderful world of sleep deprivation! 😉 Sending your family warm wishes for the arrival of your new little one.

    Thanks for your kind words over at my place the other week — they put a welcome smile in the end of my day. (We’ve all been plagued with spring colds, so I haven’t been about much in Blogland)

    Can’t wait to hear the answer to the ‘boy or girl?’ question!


  27. Spinsterish says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Spinsterish!!


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