enigmatic emblems

by enigma, who else? these tapestries are examples of some of the painstaking work she does. (When she isn’t blowing up stuff. She runs a SFX company, among other things.) The tapestries are 200 stitches to the inch. Her blog is currently in a dormant stage (hopefully a temporary condition) but is still a delight to read and ponder. Knowing those who know her would love to see this work I got her permission to post the images. I think they are fair game now if anyone would like to use one or more as writing prompts.

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5 Responses to enigmatic emblems

  1. Paul says:

    Yayaya, that made me very happy. Thankyou. I love it when Enigma pops up and I remember these, they are fantastic and there is a similarity with your work in a way, that blue dress, but also the line and composition, they move upward, elevate the eye and the spirit as if they have some deep spiritual purpose and they do, and they are Enigma yayayaya,
    I just looked at them again, maybe it because you have picked it up and put it in a context where it is easier to see it as Art it is easier to see the attention to detail, they are beautiful.


  2. enigma says:

    Gosh rick, thank you. I am very touched.
    They dont hols a candle to your beautiful paintings however.

    I did post them once, but may have deleted them.

    The one on the bottom symbolised my partner and i, the girl taming the dragon.

    And the Asian writing is what is tattooed on his arm.
    It says ‘improvise, adapt, and overcome.


  3. johemmant says:

    Amazing, Enigma, amazing and amazing tapestries too.


  4. Paul says:

    improvise, adapt, overcome,


  5. ozymandiaz says:

    magnificent artists abound


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