5/9/08 image prompt

something for your kids, or for the kid in you…

from joyce (my uncle pepek’s journal), we have what they said to him


cristine, author of mariacristina, wrote and produced a video (!), cheetah dreams of barefoot boy for the image above.


oz, of ocellus, weighing in with oh the places we will go.


greybeard, of cracked head blog, wrote from the corner of my eye.


kailey, three and a half years old, told this story to xpalla.


arkay, from pessimistic idealist, wrote jayme reads.


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18 Responses to 5/9/08 image prompt

  1. Greybeard says:

    I’m done. As always thanks for sharing Rick.


  2. Paul says:

    That is gorgeously beautiful, shimmering, almost like a mosaic, glass and jewels it could be made of, and the composition shows the hand of a master, the energy flows and has tone, feeling, delicate and precise, beautiful,


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Checked it out greybeard. You are on a roll!

    High praise from you ,Paul. I appreciate it. Thank you. It was actually painted on glass. I retired a palate – a sheet of 1/4 in. plate glass – because of the build-up of texture and color but the colors were so beautiful I put it aside where I could see it, and have those colors in the room. After a while I started to see something and unearthed these images. I’m glad you like it.


  4. enigma says:

    This is becoming more beautiful than words can express.how on earth did you survive in the film indusrty?


  5. bonnieluria says:

    What beauty and tenderness you’ve brought to light here Rick.
    And what defines a ” monster ?”.
    I love the imagery.
    My earliest memory of a similar emotion was watching the original King Kong as a child, and feeling more for Kongs’ sad eyes and gentle protection of the object of his love, than for the urgent rush to eliminate something that was a perceived threat.
    So many analogies to today’s world too.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    I don’t know, enigma. But I kind of enjoyed it.

    thanks bonnie. i know what you mean. My son and I were reading Frankenstein and feeling sorry for the poor abused creature there, too.


  7. ozymandiaz says:

    Hey Tricky Ricky
    Here is my humble (and I mean HUMBLE) offering. Not much for creativity this week. I will strive to do better.


  8. rick mobbs says:

    not humble, perfect oz.


  9. rick mobbs says:

    this is from xpalla, who has also contributed a few poems of her own.

    …I’d like to share Kailey’s story with you. (She is three and a half.)

    Jungle cruise (she gave it this title)

    We were flying through the jungle on our magic carpet and elephant and leopard tried to jump up for us. We couldn’t get out of the jungle , we didn’t know what to do without daddy. He was coming. I had my cell phone , we called him and we told him the leopard was trying to eat our magic. We were going fast like that( hand and arm move quickly forward and back) He could go fast ,but we could go superfast . Finn (little brother) wasn’t buckled . Finn fell off the magic carpet and couldn’t run, Leopard ate him. We decided to get a super big knife and cut the leopard open and save Finnian.

    I asked Kailey who was with her on the magic carpet . She said dragon and lion. She sleeps with them every night.

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  11. Arkay says:

    Kailey’s story is awesome. Thank-you for sharing. Sorry this is so late, but I was conflicted on this one.



  12. annieepoetry says:

    Rick, this is great. I love the tree (roots, and how it top blends with sky). and the dragon. the little one reading…. my goodness, how the sam are you so talented? Tell me people buy your art for thousands and thousands of dollars. that some have even stolen your work, hid it under their jacket and tried to walk out with.

    There is hope for art…


  13. Angelica says:

    oh this is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wanting to get back to painting more, but it’s easier and cheaper to write though right now I haven’t been able to get around it much. This painting has given me some inspiration, hopefully I get something down soon.


  14. rick mobbs says:

    arkay, i thought that was a beautiful little story. No sign of conflict. I guess that is good?

    Annie, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you like the painting. I wish they were selling for thousands… but it is fun to give the images away like this, too. And, yep, a couple have walked away. Three, actually. One was a 6′ oak chain saw sculpture…

    Angelica, thank you. It is sometimes hard for me to put it first, too. But it always comes around again. Thank god.


  15. Here’s alink to a video and story. Thanks for the inspiration, Rick! I’ll come by to read the others later.


  16. rick mobbs says:

    cristine, can’t wait to see it. putting up another prompt now, from cincinatti airport!


  17. Kalley’s story is great! How interesting that at first Finn was eaten by the leopard, but then was saved just like Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, by cutting him out of the leopard’s belly. I also liked the details of the seatbelts and cell phones mixed in with magic carpets. A twenty-first century child.


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