desolation, hope, and more hope




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12 Responses to desolation, hope, and more hope

  1. Caryn says:

    These are incredible. They all exhibit such different emotions. I think I like the last one best, though. It feels both happy and sad to me, as if they have just escaped something terrible, and the horror hasn’t quite left them yet but they are happy to be alive and have those they love with them. (But then, I haven’t done a lot of art interpretation, so if I’m way off base, sorry…)


  2. paulie11 says:

    I like the last one best, too. I found it very interesting to look at. Thank you for posting this.
    Paulie11 from inside the Snakepit


  3. rick mobbs says:

    Caryn, you are right on with your interpretations. I was looking for pictures to match with some thoughts on “The Road”, by Cormac McCarthy, and on “Blindness”, by Jose Saramago. (I did write and post a small poem about them a few days ago.)

    The 1st picture, “The graveyard”, is from series I usually title “Stupid War 1”, “Stupid War 2,” etc. The 2nd I think of as “First Look at the Promised Land”. The 3rd is to me a picture of love and redemption. Maybe a picture of us loving and embracing our many aspects and sides. So I think you got it right.

    pauli11, I am glad you stopped by. Come back anytime. I’ll be checking out the snakepit. See you there!


  4. jo says:

    That first one is incredible. I love it when you look at a painting and it hits you right in your solar plexus… reminds me of Gaucin in Andalucia. Lovely, you have such a talent……I like the other two very much, but that first one I would hang and look at a lot 🙂


  5. rick mobbs says:

    jo, the painting is rolled up and stored under a chest of drawers. I should send it to you. I may have overpainted/ruined it. I’ll have to look. I’m glad I took the photo. Thanks (very much) for your kind words.


  6. ozymandiaz says:

    The hands in the last one are wonderful.


  7. johemmant says:

    Wow, are you kidding? If you do find it, I would be willing to give you something for it, for sure, I love it.


  8. rick mobbs says:

    jo, I’m not kidding. Will try to fit it in before leaving on a trip. Will get back to you. I love your poetry.


  9. johemmant says:

    🙂 I’m a big fan of yours too!


  10. annieepoetry says:

    if only one man could hold all the little children, save them
    from the wars of their fathers’.

    Keep it up. really keep it posting these paintings. I’ve not found a painter with such tender emotion and imagination, holy cow lady hands, smear shadow….. and the movement. Make sure you cover your paintings in glass and keep them out of direct sunlight. The world needs these.


  11. rick mobbs says:

    Annie, thank you, your note made my day. I love the idea of holding the world safe in one’s hands. That is really nice. The essence of the painting.


  12. rick mobbs says:

    Tender words, annieburie.


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