thoughts on the novels, “the road”, and “blindness”

Only a great kaleidoscope

can break the cold gray stone

that forms in the bottom of the heart

when we consider the way

that we treat each other

and make it beautiful.

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6 Responses to thoughts on the novels, “the road”, and “blindness”

  1. jo says:

    I like the way you’ve followed kaleidoscope with cold grey (sorry, I’m English, I mean gray) stone, two images that are very extreme so are very effective. Lovely.


  2. Ali says:


    I loved The Road. The son really touched something in me when he questioned his father about us being the “good guys” so it really makes me wonder how wrong we are when we are doing the right thing, and how right we are when we are doing what most perceive to be wrong….

    Lovely, indeed.



  3. tinarathore says:

    hi rick…thanks for the comment. loved your paintings-both in colours and words. the shades of grey here are really striking, that’s what we always forget-the world isns’t mere black and white. it’s inbetween the two, so b’fully depicted in these words. the feelings-all blacks and whites mingle and form a hard grey stone deep into our hearts,so difficult to break.


  4. tinarathore says:

    as u must have figured out…i’m still in the process of transfering material on the blog…there weren’t any poems there when u visited last…that’s the reason u couldn’t find them. i’ve put them all from poemhunter…glad i did. they were rotting there!


  5. rick mobbs says:

    Very glad to see you, tinarathore. last I checked, the poem titles had transferred over but did not come up when I clicked on them. Maybe by now. I’ll try again.


  6. rick mobbs says:

    Ali, I know. It moved me, too, so very powerfully. I know it must have made you think of your boys. It certainly made me think of mine. We may not know how it will work out in the end but we have to carry the fire, and try to find ways to kindle it in them. Luckily, all things work for the good, given half a chance will try to swing around to the good…

    waiting is….


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