a poem a day, even if an old one

Holderlin is a hard act to follow. I’ll put something light up here today. Something like…

get your toes back inside that painting!

heron in sunshine
sky wishing to rain
grey marsh a kingdom
he surveys

i on my doorstep
counting the ways
everything matters
everything fades

the children are sleepy
with rain in the air
the house smells of pancakes
nobody’s there

sylph in a hickory tree
just out of reach
drops nuts on my head
and puts me to sleep

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9 Responses to a poem a day, even if an old one

  1. damyantig says:

    I like these lines, simple yet with so much impact. Simple things are sometimes the hardest to write!


  2. sleepinghill says:

    I like your hound dog picture! Thanks for the comment. Tell me about your name. Where are you writing from?


  3. damyantig says:

    I am writing from Singapore….
    http://amloki.blogspot.com, and http://damyantiwrites.wordpress.com.

    Dont mean to spam you, but this seems like the only way I can leave a link for you in case you want to see more about where I am from:)

    Happy writing!


  4. will69b says:

    Very nice. This poem raised a smile;
    understanding it’s comic aspect, within the simple lines.

    Well done.
    Thanks for the link, Rick.

    Best Wishes,


  5. sleepinghill says:

    damyantig, thanks for your email. I have been trying to get back to it all evening. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some time. Best wishes, Rick


  6. madafo says:


    So nice to hear from you. My regards to the family.
    Peace and Blessings


  7. Marianne says:

    I like “the house smells of pancakes”… nice contrast to the next line, unexpected.


  8. alison says:

    Darlin this sounds like a song. Seriously. Very beautiful and leaves me with a longing feeling.


  9. rick mobbs says:

    now if I just had a musical bone in my body. it’s in me soul though. I know it. I just know it. Longing is in the air tonight. Nameless longing… I think maybe it comes with being grown ups. Such as we are.


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